Penguin: Real vs Fake Open Source

The battle between real open source vs. faux open source heats up With all this pushback, why is Redis taking this approach? It’s largely because AWS ElastiCache provides Redis services without Redis getting paid for it. Redis is combating this by placing new code modules under Common Clause. As Salil Deshpand, a venture capitalist with …

Penguin: The Complete Guide for Open Source Licenses 2019

The Complete Guide for Open Source Licenses 2019 Requires registration including email to download.

Penguin: #OpenMod #FreeTheModels Time for Open Source Energy Models

Tomorrow is Good: #Freethemodels: we need open source energy models Innovation Origins Posted by Auke Hoekstra | Feb 17, 2019 Phi Beta Iota: Read every word.  Integrate true cost economics and it is game over for financialized legalized predatory Western capitalism.

Penguin: Open Source Blockchain w/o Native Crypto

Yosemite X announces first open-source public blockchain without native cryptocurrency Yosemite X, a blockchain technology company, today announced the release of its open-source public blockchain that operates without a native cryptocurrency, giving developers and businesses the ability to build solutions and reduce costs, without the price volatility of crypto. This approach enables companies to reap …

Robert Steele: Answers on Open Source Everything

Penguin: Open Source Software Helps Inspire Decisions

A Venture Capitalist’s Read On Themes From Davos: Open Source And Observability …once observability becomes deeply embedded, an organization’s decision making will evolve from data-driven, to data-originated, where outputs not only inform decisions, but suggest decisions. Read full article.

Penguin: Amazon Abusing / Monetizing Open Source Cloud without Contribution — It Is Called “Strip Mining”

Open source cloud databases battle software ‘strip mining’ Cloud giants like AWS have adopted open source databases, causing Confluent, MongoDB and others to guard their assets the best way they know how: licensing. “There is a new and unique dynamic with public cloud providers, particularly AWS, who take open source software and sell it as …

Robert Steele with Angie Blake: America 2.0 Update — Open Source Intelligence, #UNRIG Election Reform, Pedophilia — Terminating #GoogleGestapo — Indictment of Clintons AND Robert Mueller

 Click for Full-Screen Version with Comments Election Reform Extract (2:06) @ Bitchute Mueller Indictment Extract (1:26) @ Bitchute Other Audio-Visual Interviews with Robert David Steele

Penguin: Assessing the economic impact and business models of open source

Assessing the economic impact and business models of open source If you combine IBM’s acquisition with Microsoft’s buyout of GitHub last year, at the very least you could say that the open source game is changing. These events communicate an increasing interest from the enterprise space in open source technologies as bankable prospects, with big …