Jon Rappoport: CDC Caught Falsifying COVID-19 Numbers

Huge COVID case-counting deception at the CDC The Atlantic, May 21, has the story, headlined, “How could the CDC make that mistake?” “Just when governors are trying to reopen their economies, a gigantic case-counting deception at the CDC is taking the wind out of their sails. The millions of Americans suffering financial devastation could be …

Jon Rappoport: Dangerous nano-particles contaminating many vaccines: groundbreaking study

Dangerous nano-particles contaminating many vaccines: groundbreaking study A 2017 study of 44 types of 15 traditional vaccines, manufactured by leading global companies, has uncovered a very troubling and previously unreported fact: The vaccines are heavily contaminated with a variety of nanoparticles. Many of the particles are metals. We’re talking about traditional vaccines, such as HPV, …

Jon Rappoport: Neil Ferguson, Fabricator of the COIVD-19 Models that Wrecked the Global Economy, Resigns from UK Government

Professor Lockdown, Neil Ferguson, resigns over sex scandal Neil Ferguson, the historically failed computer modeler, who threw darts at a board, and launched a prediction of 500,000 COVID deaths in the UK and two million in the US, and thereby convinced both governments to opt for extreme lockdowns, has resigned his UK government post. No …

Jon Rappoport: The Covid vaccine: simple facts staring us in the face

The Covid vaccine: simple facts staring us in the face I’ve written much about the extreme dangers of a COVID vaccine. Here I want to present simple basic facts, which apply to all vaccines and all recipients. Public health agencies readily admit that people with weakened immune systems should not be vaccinated. Read full article.

State of the Nation: Jon Rappoport on New Attacks Planned Against President Trump as “Science Denier” Because of His Refutation of Fake Pandemic and CDC LIes

CIA’s Mockingbird Media Bares the Long Knives for Trump COVID: The Media Dragons are out for Trump’s blood Trump crossed another line. He spoke about wanting to turn the economy back on by Easter. He said the cure (locking down the country) isn’t supposed to be worse than the disease.

Jon Rappoport: CDC Begins Testing for Something It Has No Clue About — Coronavirus or Radiation Sickness?

CDC begins testing Americans for the Coronavirus—but how? As my readers know, I’ve been presenting evidence AGAINST the idea that the China “epidemic” is caused by a new coronavirus. (archive here) Reading through CDC literature (see also here), I believe the two most prevalent US testing methods are: antibody, and PCR.