Journal: CIA Blows–Blackwater, $5M Bar Bill, and Reprise of Rendition Atrocities

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The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is more of a laughingstock around the world than most realize.  From being called “useful idiots” (tontos utiles) in Latin America to much, much worse in the Middle East, it appears to have become a bloated bureaucracy incapable of achieving anything of positive significance.  Intelligence is an inherently governmental function, and clandestine and covert intelligence especially so.  Both require the very highest standards of integrity and professional skill.  CIA appears to be lacking in both, and nothing has changed under Leon Panetta.  It is in our view high time that the President and Congress require a full General Accountability Office (GAO) of every aspect of CIA operations, as well as those of the National Security Agency (NSA).

Below are three headlines that turn our stomach.

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