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Global Week in Review

An exploration in citizen continuing education.

11 Threats, 12 Policies, 12 Players in One Place



  • Moral & Spiritual Decline. To be added beginning next week.
  • Poverty. China and India taking lead with national-scale poverty eradication. Should we pay attention?
  • Infectious Disease. Distrust in vaccine integrity, are infectious diseases making a comeback?
  • Environmental Degradation. Still no clue. “Big data” is fragmented, no one really cares.
  • Inter-State Conflict. Kashmir will not go nuclear. Syria won. Palestine still an occupied apartheid country.
  • Civil War. While Iraq stabilizes, America is moving toward culturally-insane civil war out of touch with reality.
  • Genocide. Force sterilization is a form of genocide. Accountability for colonial genocide emergent.
  • Other Atrocities. Pedophilia is slowly emerging as a deep national security threat. Not there yet.
  • Proliferation. US/UK continue to lie about Syria using chemical weapons and who funded ISIS.
  • Terrorism. White people are more likely to be terrorists in US/UK; Russia has stomped its terrorists out.
  • Transnational Crime. Germany covers up illegal immigrant crime. Hats off to US DOJ on elder fraud sweep.


  • Agriculture. Biofuels needs to go away; clean agriculture a distant vision; holistic policy does not exist.
  • Diplomacy. US picking fights with India, Turkey, Venezuela, arming Saudi Arabia, perhaps doing well in Korea.
  • Economy. Weak signals of global economic crash. President’s tariff strategy is working.
  • Education.  The unstated message: schools suck, not creating critical thinkers who can innovate and adapt.
  • Energy. No one, anywhere, is serious about holistic energy solutions that leverages renewables at low cost.
  • Family. China, Hungary, and India are dong family policy planning supportive of national integrity. We are not.
  • Health. Health care in the USA is too expensive and has too many lies built in. Time to make it a public service.
  • Immigration. Trump is right, Congress is wrong, Supreme Court will have a say, this will be an election issue.
  • Justice. The US justice system is broken – foreign influence, legalized lies, state murder with impunity.
  • Security. US does not have a holistic national security strategy – demography & technology are out of control.
  • Society. Artists merit more respect; aging population cannot be supported as things now stand.
  • Water. Desalination solutions are here, governments are simply not serious about solving the water crisis.


  • Brazil. Brazil merits more respect from the USA – Trump has a chance to craft a new Southern front strategy.
  • China. Xi has bigger problems than Trump does – seems to be more innovative – and is winning the South.
  • India. Most complicated country on the planet, 22 languages, more Muslims than anyone. Next big power.
  • Indonesia. Largest Muslim population in the world, massive natural resources including gold, pay attention.
  • Iran. Our President needs to stomp down hard on the Deep State forces seeking to wage war on Iran.
  • Israel. Jews and Palestinians, not Zionists, should be working together in peace. Genocide is not working.
  • Korea. Not in the news: this is a done deal guaranteed by China. Trump is the cosmetic closer. Get over it.
  • Palestine. Gandhi had it right: “Palestine is to the Palestinians as France is to the French.”
  • Russia. US is losing arms sales to Russia; Russia is creating the next Internet and US will loser there as well.
  • Syria. Assad won. US should be in international criminal court along with Israel and Saudi Arabia.
  • Turkey. Not in the news: major regional power with Iran, One Belt One Road changes everything.
  • Venezuela. This is very hard to understand. Local corruption plus US arrogance destroying a country.



2019-03-09 Iranian Daily Asia Experts say China’s anti-poverty drive helpful for other countries

2019-03-07 China Military Xi stresses perseverance in fight against poverty

2019-03-06 The Hindu Opposition trying to remove me, while I am trying to remove terrorism, poverty: Modi

2019-03-05 ECNS Li Keqiang: China to forge ahead with fight against poverty

2019-03-03 Indian Express Poverty to vulnerability: Rethinking social protection

2019-03-02 Haaretz Opioid crisis engulfs Gaza as poverty soars

Infectious Disease

2019-03-08 ContagionLive Top Infectious Disease News of the Week—March 3,2019

2019-03-08 The Atlantic Medieval Diseases Are Infecting California’s Homeless

2019-03-03 WCAI The Paradox of Declining Infectious Diseases

Environmental Degradation

2019-03-09 XinhuaNet UNEP plans to create big data platform on environment

Inter-State Conflict

2019-03-09 The Hindu BJP turning Kashmir into a theatre of war: Mehbooba Mufti

2019-03-09 Jerusalem Post Liberman: In two years the situation will be worse than the Yom Kippur war

2019-03-08, Haaretz The Assad regime won Syria’s civil war. Can it survive an Israeli attack?

2019-03-07 National Interest Is Trump Heading Toward War with Iran?

2019-03-07 The Economist India’s government is intensifying a failed strategy in Kashmir

2019-03-07 Pravda The Recolonization of Latin America and the War on Venezuela

2019-03-06 USA Today Are we headed for a second Cold War with China, Russia? Not likely

2019-03-06, Rising Kashmir Talks with Taliban focus on four key issues to end the Afghan war: US

2019-03-05 Rising Kashmir Northern army commander reviews Kashmir’s security scenario

2019-03-05 The Independent US generals and politicians ‘thinking about possibility of nuclear war’, Russia’s ambassador to Washington says – The Independent

2019-03-04 Outlook India Neither India Nor Pakistan Is Really Prepared To Fight A Conventional War

2019-03-04, Freepress Journal Pakistan will not hesitate to go nuclear in war with India: Punjab CM Amarinder Singh

2019-03-04, Al Jazeera India-Pakistan tensions: Who won the war of perceptions?

Civil War

2019-03-07 American Greatness The Democrats Civil War Begins

2019-03-06 Iran Daily Iran hails Iraq’s security situation after Daesh defeat

2019-03-05 Russia Insider American Civil War 2: US Media Will Have Only Itself to Blame if All Hell Breaks Loose

2019-03-02 Washington Post In America, talk turns to something not spoken of for 150 years: Civil war


2019-03-08 New York Post Amazon tribe accuses Brazilian military of genocide

2019-03-08 Al Jazeera Amazon ‘genocide’: Brazil tribe waits for compensation

2019-03-08 Breaking Defense Genocide Swarms & Assassin Drones: The Case For Banning Lethal AI

2019-03-06 US News & World Report Lawsuit Against Germany Over Namibian Genocide Is Dismissed in New York

2019-03-05 Phys.Org Forced sterilizations of Indigenous women: One more act of genocide (Canada)

Other Atrocities (e.g. Human Trafficking, Pedophilia)

2019-03-09 News-Herald (Kentucky) Forum speakers: Human trafficking no longer far away issue

2019-03-07 Miami Herald Shedding light on human trafficking in massage parlors

2019-03-06 Agence France-Presse ICC team probes Rohingya atrocities in Bangladesh

2019-03-06 Vanity Fair Michael Jackson Is Slowly Being Removed from Radio

2019-03-06 Men’s Journal How Photojournalist Essa al-Ragehi Exposed the Atrocities in Yemen


2019-03-08 QZ The last thing India and Pakistan need right now is a mushroom cloud

2019-03-08 The Hill After Warsaw and the IAEA meeting, what’s next for Washington on Tehran’s nuclear file?

2019-03-07 Voice of America Syria Rejects Watchdog Report on Chemical Weapons Use

2019-03-07 Radio New Zealand UK petition calls for West Papua chemical weapons investigation

2019-03-06 DBKNews Nuclear weapons are an inevitable part of our future

2019-03-06 The Nation A case for nuclear proliferation

2019-03-06 Defence Connect Flinders Uni, Canadian partnership to combat biological weapons


2019-03-09 Axios Domestic terrorism suspects arrested more than al-Qaeda or ISIS (USA)

2019-03-07 Independent UK More white people arrested on suspicion of terrorism than Asian people last year, figures show

2019-03-07 New York Times U.S. Peace Talks With Taliban Trip Over a Big Question: What Is Terrorism?

2019-03-07 Bejing Philippines, Malaysia Pledge Cooperation against Terrorism

2019-03-06 Press TV Iran US using terrorism as tool to achieve goals: SNSC

2019-03-06, Meduza-Russia Vladimir Putin says terrorism-related crimes in Russia have declined 110-fold in the past decade. Published statistics say he’s wrong.

Transnational Crime

2019-03-08 The Diplomat Examining Crime and Terrorism Along China’s Belt and Road

2019-03-08 7th Space USA: Justice Department Coordinates Largest-Ever Nationwide Elder Fraud Sweep

2019-03-07 Associated Press The Latest: War crime reports (by migrants) not investigated in Germany



2019-03-09 Consortium News Africa’s Sovereignty Over Food

2019-03-09 Newton County Times United States wins WTO dispute finding China provides excessive government support to its grain producers

2019-03-08 Public News Service Report Calls Biofuels Standard an Environmental Disaster

2019-03-08 IEG Policy EU agriculture policy diary (March 11-15): CAP reform, spirit drinks, UTPs

2019-03-05 Bejing Laos, Chinese firm cooperating in clean agriculture

2019-03-05 Indian Financial Farmers wait for ‘acche din’ as agriculture growth slows down to 2.7% 2019-03-02 Washington Times US ambassador to UK slams critics of American agriculture


2019-03-09 The Guardian UK Trump’s private talks with Putin may contain clues to his Russia romance

2019-03-09 Bejing Walking a Chinese tightrope: Kazakh quiet diplomacy produces limited results – Modern Diplomacy

2019-03-09, Outlook India India Pursues Vigorous Diplomacy To Make Pakistan Act On Terror

2019-03-09 ECNS At new starting point, China’s diplomacy brings certainty to uncertain world

2019-03-08 Iran Daily How Trump can forge a new path towards diplomacy with Iran

2019-03-08 Moscow Times U.S. Says It’s Working With EU to Thwart Russia on Balkans

2019-03-07 NPR A Dark View Of Russia From U.S. NATO Commander

2019-03-07 Iranian Daily Iran, Russia examine legal mechanisms to confront sanction

2019-03-05 Moscow Times Trump Extends U.S. Sanctions Against Russia Over Crimea

2019-03-05 Indian Express Kim Jong Un returns home after failed nuclear diplomacy with Trump

2019-03-04 ECNS Russia says ready to talk with U.S. on Venezuela stalemate

2019-03-03 Washington Times US, South Korea end spring military drills to back diplomacy


2019-03-06 ECNS Banks should focus on real investment to support the economy

2019-03-06 Press TV Iran Economy ministers of Iran, Azerbaijan meet in Tehran

2019-03-06 ECNS Time to discard growth rate fetish for China’s economy

2019-03-06 Singapore News What a Singapore Strait traffic jam says about the world economy

2019-03-06 Times of China US car tariffs would have ‘bigger effect’ on global economy than US-China trade war, says WTO economist

2019-03-05 Indian Financial China’s economy slows down: Here’s how it is affecting the world

2019-03-05 ECNS Premier admits severe challenges in China’s economy

2019-03-04 War News Canada’s Economy Has Stopped Growing, But No One Is Talking About It

2019-03-04, Google News Erdogan Tries to Ease the Pain of Turkey’s Bad Economy. It’s Still Hurting. – The New York Times


2019-03-09 Forbes Democratic Governors Move To Restrict School Choice, While Tennessee’s Governor Looks To Expand It

2019-03-08 The Atlantic Congress Might Finally Overhaul Higher Education

2019-03-08 Breitbart Parker: AOC’s Policies Are an Indictment of American Economic Education

2019-03-07 Vox Progressives want to go further than tuition-free college — here’s their proposal to make it debt-free

2019-03-06, Singapore News How secondary education will work in Singapore once current streaming system is phased out

2019-03-04 Education Next What Do Racial and Ethnic Wealth Gaps Mean for Student Loan Policy?

2019-03-03 Indian Express Kashmir needs a robust education system, an honest conversation

2019-03-03, Miami Herald Ron DeSantis may finish the K-12 education transformation that Jeb Bush started


2019-03-09 The New Federalist EU Innovation and energy transition, a winning combination for European industry

2019-03-09 Sputnik Venezuelan Media Report New Electricity Outages as Caracas Blames US Energy War

2019-03-07 Bejing Bosnia Gives Green Light To Controversial Chinese Energy Loan

2019-03-06 The Guardian UK Australia’s energy policy is a tangled mess built on a foundation of lies

2019-03-04 Vox Europe’s renewable energy policy is built on burning American trees


2019-03-09 The Quint India RSS stresses importance of family system

2019-03-09 Raw Story In another blow to Trump, judge rules in favor of ACLU in family separation case

2019-03-08 Hungary Today Survey: Vast Majority Supports Government’s Family Policy

2019-03-04 Brookings Where’s the glue? Policies to close the family gap


2019-03-09 The Hindu Health dept. issues chickenpox alert

2019-03-08 New York Times Trump Administration Targets ‘Secretive Nature’ of Health Care Pricing

2019-03-08 WNPR Connecticut Lawmakers Unveil A Public Option Health Plan

2019-03-07 Miami Herald Is a national health plan a by-product of the Green New Deal?

2019-03-07 Miami Herald Former CPA and chairman of Public Health Trust sent to prison for three-plus years

2019-03-07 USA Today Rich kids like me get great mental health care. With Medicare for All, others can, too

2019-03-06 Washington Times Let states experiment on health care

2019-03-06 AJCM Making Sense of Changes in Healthcare: Lessons From the Academy Health National Health Policy Conference


2019-03-09 Market Watch Judge calls Trump administration push for citizenship question on census forms arbitrary, capricious and a threat to democracy

2019-03-07 The Texas Tribune How one migrant family got caught between smugglers, the cartel and Trump’s zero-tolerance policy

2019-03-07 WBUR Kirstjen Nielsen And The Dehumanization Of Immigrant Children

2019-03-06 Miami Times House Democrats tie DACA and TPS together in latest immigration push

2019-03-05 USA Today Trump immigration policy under scrutiny at four simultaneous congressional hearings

2019-03-04 Associated Press Federal Law Enforcement Grants Flow Despite Trump Threats To ‘Sanctuary’ Cities


2019-03-09 NBC News Pete Buttigieg wants ‘intergenerational justice.’ What’s that?

2019-03-09 OPB.org Democratic Lawmakers Speak On Restorative Justice In Cannabis Crimes

2019-03-09 The Daily Caller FITZGIBBONS: America’s Dual-Justice System Grants Immunity To Ocasio-Cortez

2019-03-09 The Atlantic 6 Reasons Paul Manafort Got Off So Lightly

2019-03-08 Reno Gazette Journal Lawmakers, lawyers clash over sprawling criminal justice reform bill

2019-03-06 New York Times Justice Dept. to Step Up Enforcement of Foreign Influence Laws

2019-03-06 ECNS Trump nominates female Asian American prosecutor as No.3 at Justice Department

2019-03-05 USA Today I vetted judges and senior Justice officials and never came across anyone like Jared Kushner

2019-03-03 Jerusalem Post House Committee investigating possible obstruction of justice by Trump


2019-03-09 Indian Express UN Security Council reform process “contentious” issue: General Assembly Prez

2019-03-08 Los Angeles Times One reason for Trump’s foreign policy fiascoes — his National Security Council is broken

2019-03-08 Just Security Homeland Security’s Intelligence Overreach: Two Cases Illustrate Risks to Civil Society

2019-03-08 Technode Briefing: Germany to tighten security on 5G equipment to avoid Huawei ban

2019—3-07 Associated Press US Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen testifies border crisis is not manufactured

2019-03-07 Politico McSally says sexual assault in the military threatens national security

2019-03-07 Rand Strategic Rethink: America’s Security Deficit

2019-03-07 Kuala Lampur Will national security concerns end the globalisation of technology?

2019-03-05 Telangana Today Facebook’s security lapse

2019-03-04 Just Security Counterterrorism and Homeland Security Are Not the Same Thing


2019-03-08 The Telegraph UK From Facebook to Amazon, our digital habits are destroying society

2019-03-07 Daniel Mitchell Blog Individualism and Society

2019-03-06 Iranian Daily Singapore, world’s second-fastest aging society, to up retirement age

2019-03-05 USA Today Facebook, YouTube and social media are failing society. Pull their ads until they change.

2019-03-05 History News Hour Can Artists Remake Society?


2019-03-09 PBS Water costs balloon in cities along the Great Lakes

2019-03-08 Hackaday Graphene Desalinates Sea Water

2019-03-08 American Rivers How the Clean Water Act could become a Dirty Water Rule

2019-03-08 Raw Story Eight years on, water woes threaten Fukushima cleanup

2019-03-06 ECNS New hydrological model developed for water prediction

2019-03-06 National Geographic India is in a historic water crisis. Will diverting 30 rivers solve it?

2019-03-04 South China Morning Post Gone glaciers: ‘Asia’s water tower’ is in danger

2019-03-04 ECNS Chinese scientists develop new material for water purification



2019-03-09 CNBC Brazil’s Bolsonaro set to visit Trump on March 19 to discuss turmoil in Venezuela: White House

2019-03-07 Mercopress Argentina and Brazil markets open Wednesday with steep losses

2019-03-06 Mercopress Brazil posts a fiscal surplus in January, but public finances remain fragile

2019-03-05 Forbes Brazil Bounces Back With A Slew Of New Billionaires


2019-03-09 Scroll.in Why ambitious China and isolated Saudi Arabia have found a common ally in Pakistan

2019-03-09 Iran Daily Solid waste imports into China continue to decline

2019-03-09 War News U.S. Keeps Losing Simulated Wars With Russia And China

2019-03-09 War News China Is Worried That President Trump May Walk Away From A Trade Deal When He Holds His Summit With Chinese President Xi

2019-03-09 China Digital Times Huawei and the Law, in U.S. and China

2019-03-09 Times of China China set to vote on new law aimed at levelling playing field for foreign investors

2019-03-08 ECNS China-Africa cooperation grows into towering tree: FM

2019-03-08 ECNS Latin American countries’ rights to develop relations with China must be respected: FM

2019-03-08 Google News China Laughs as U.S. Tries to Stop Italy From Joining One Belt, One Road Plan – Newsweek

2019-03-08 BBC China exports saw biggest fall in three years in February

2019-03-08 South China Morning Post Malaysian Prime Minister says the country is now closer to China than US

2019-03-06 Russia Insider US, China Compete to Build World’s First Nationwide Cyber-Gulag

2019-03-06 Bejing Russia to train over 100 Chinese servicemen for second 2nd regiment of S-400: TASS

2019-03-06 Reuters Bachelet presses China for U.N. access to Xinjiang’s Uighurs


2019-03-09, Scroll.in By design and delusion, the project to radicalise Hindu India gains momentum

2019-03-08 CNBC Two factors India investors should watch out for

2019-03-08 India Today India, Russia sign USD 3 billion deal for nuclear-powered attack submarine for Indian Navy

2019-03-05 Fortune It Looks Like Trump Has New Trade War Foes: India and Turkey


2019-03-08 Bensinga Indonesia and Australia sign new free trade agreement

2019-03-06 Asian Review US move to end India trade benefit rattles Indonesia and Thailand


2019-03-09 Iran Daily US policy toward Iran isn’t working

2019-03-09 Iran Daily Iran, Syria sign academic cooperation deal

2019-03-09 Iran Daily Iran-Iraq annual trade aimed at $20b

2019-03-09 Iran Daily Iran, Turkey offer cooperation for Pakistan railway: Minister

2019-03-09 Iran Daily Official: Iran can find ways to sell oil in defiance of US sanctions

2019-03-06 Press TV Iran Iran, Russia review ways to widen economic relations


2019-03-09 Sputnik S. Africa-Israel Tensions Simmer as Pretoria Preps to Downgrade Embassy Status

2019-03-08 Washington Times Kuwait: Many in UN oppose Israel action on Palestinian taxes

2019-03-08 Haaretz Hamas knows now is the best time to pressure Israel into concessions

2019-03-08 Haaretz A botched Gaza raid may rewrite how Israel runs its special operations

2019-03-08, Haaretz Ilhan who? In Israel, nobody knows or cares about the Omar anti-Semitism controversy

2019-03-07 Iran Daily American public support for Israel hits decade low: Gallup poll

2019-03-06 Haaretz Israel and Jordan in talks to solve Temple Mount crisis


2019-03-09 Washington Post Satellite images suggest North Korea planned space launch even before Hanoi

2019-03-09 Voice of America South Korea Proposes Rain Project with China to Cut Pollution

2019-03-08 USA Today South Korea, US sign deal on Seoul paying more for US military

2019-03-08 The Diplomat South Korea’s New Internet Controls Spark Controversy

2019-03-07 Coin Telegraph South Korea Establishes Special Task Force to Prevent Cryptocurrency-Related Crimes


2019-03-09 Malay Mail Create Palestine caucus in parliament, says Zuraida

2019-03-08 AA Turkey US plan to give some of East J’lem to Palestine: Report

2019-03-07 Haaretz Israel Forces Palestinian to Raze His and His Daughter’s Homes With His Own Hands

2019-03-05 ECNS Iraqi, Palestinian presidents discuss boosting ties, supporting Palestine

2019-03-03 Haaretz For Arab regimes, Palestine is old news. Now, it’s all about Iran


2019-03-07 Bejing Six Steps Russia Is Taking Toward Restricting Its Internet

2019-03-07 Moscow Times Russia Compromised 600 Foreign Spies in 2018, Putin Says

2019-03-07 Moscow Times Russia Passes Legislation Banning ‘Disrespect’ of Authorities and ‘Fake News’

2019-03-07 Moscow Times Female Naval Cadets Say Russia Not Ready for Women in Combat Roles

2019-03-07 Meduza-Russia The Real Russia. Today. Russian Internet censorship becomes ‘instantaneous,’ condemning Stalin to Hell, and correcting Putin’s numbers

2019-03-06 Russia-Insider Russia Has The Fastest Hackers

2019-03-06 Russia-Insider Russia Sells Top-Notch S-400 Missiles to Qatar; Saudis Enraged

2019-03-06 Moscow Times Sea Ice Between Alaska And Russia Shrinks at Record Rate in Middle of Winter


2019-03-09 The Guardian UK Those responsible for Syria’s agony must be brought to book, starting at the top

2019-03-09 First Post India More civilians leave Islamic State’s Syria enclave, delaying final assault

2019-03-09 Iran Daily Iran, Syria sign academic cooperation deal

2019-03-09 Haaretz Burned vehicles, abandoned tents and weapons left behind by ISIS militants in Syria

2019-03-09 Haaretz How Assad defied the odds, won in Syria and pushed the U.S. out

2019-03-07 Bejing Multilateral talks on crisis in Syria held in Tehran

2019-03-07 Bejing Syria Focus of Iran’s Talks with China, Russia, Germany in Tehran

2019-03-07 Haaretz Syria slams watchdog report saying it used chemical weapon in Douma attack


2019-03-09 Defense Blog Russia claims process of S-400 delivery to Turkey goes very smoothly

2019-03-09 Today Online Germany tightens travel advice on Turkey

2019-03-09 Hurriyet Daily News Turkey eyes increasing health tourism revenues fivefold by 2030: Minister

2019-03-08 Moscow Times Turkey and U.S. Head for Showdown Over Russian Missile Contracts

2019-03-06 Sputnik European Commission Candidate Insists ‘Turkey Cannot Be EU Member’


2019-03-09 Indian Express As blackout eases, Venezuela braces for rival rallies

2019-03-09 Al Jazeera Venezuela in crisis: All the latest updates

2019-03-08 New York Times Russia Stands With Maduro (While Hedging Its Bets)

2019-03-08 Iran Daily Venezuela plunges into darkness after major dam ‘sabotage’

2019-03-08 Google News Venezuela must pay Conoco over $8 billion: World Bank – Reuters

2019-03-07 Washington Times White House steps up pressure on Nicolas Maduro’s regime in Venezuela by revoking visas

2019-03-07 Pravda The Recolonization of Latin America and the War on Venezuela

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