Amazon Kindle: Pedophila & Empire: Satan, Sodomy & the Deep State (Trump Revolution Book 13)

Pedophilia – including the murder of children, the drinking of their adrenalized blood, and the harvesting of their bodies for body parts and bone marrow – is both the glue that helps the elite control the Deep State, and the Achilles’ heel of the Deep State. I salute President Putin for his commitment to eradicating …

#UNRIG: Cartoons — 12 Points of the Election Reform Act of 2017 Making Donald Trump the Greatest President Ever….

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Mongoose: Is Mike Pence About to Stab Donald Trump in the Back? America First? Not Even Close — Israel and Wall Street First, Mike Pence is Deep State Incarnate….

At Private Dinners, Pence Quietly Courts Big Donors and Corporate Executives Mr. Pence’s activities have fueled speculation among Republican insiders that he is laying the foundation for his own political future, independent from Mr. Trump.

Mongoose: Putin Warns Trump: ‘Expose Elite Pedophiles or I Will Begin Naming Names’ — is Mike Pence on Putin’s List?

Putin Warns Trump: ‘Expose Elite Pedophiles or I Will Begin Naming Names’ Russian President sets ultimatum ahead of historical meeting According to Maxim Suchkov, a member of the Moscow-based Russian International Affairs Council, no specific agenda has been set for the meeting, however, a list of “deliverables” is due to be discussed including regional issues …