Ed Jewett: The Horowitz Report – A Whitewash? UPDATE 2: Hillary Fried

Corruption, Ineptitude, Law Enforcement

Preliminary impression:  complete whitewash, no one goes to jail. Crucifies FBI on process error and leadership failure but effectively refuses to condemn anyone with the exception of Ohr.  Ohr takes the bullet.

PDF (476 Pages): 


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Review: The Constitution Needs A Good Party & rConstitution Papers

5 Star, America (Founders, Current Situation)
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Our government’s out of control: undeclared wars, abortion, agency after agency. Meanwhile, our government people have strong powers to not execute unconstitutional laws, to veto, and to repeal. What we’re missing is a good party with separated powers, enumerated powers, and offsetting powers, and with strong controls on the quality of its brand. Build a self-limited party and we’ll get a self-limited government.

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Stephen E. Arnold: Is YouTube Cheating Content Creators?

Commercial Intelligence
Stephen E. Arnold

YouTube Supplied Music Leads To Massive Video Demonetization

YouTube cheats its content creators. The video sharing platform is constantly changing its rules, demonetizing videos without notice, and deleting videos for “offensive” content. YouTube claims it loves its creators and offers tools and services for assistance. One of these services is offering royalty free music for videos, but content creators beware of video platforms offering free music. Torrent Freak reports on how, “‘Royalty Free’ Music Supplied By YouTube Results In Mass Video Demonetization.”

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Worth a Look: All Hell Breaking Loose – The Pentagon’s Perspective on Climate Change

Earth Intelligence, Worth A Look
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Both as participants in climate-triggered conflicts abroad, and as first responders to hurricanes and other disasters on American soil, the armed services are already confronting the impacts of global warming. The military now regards climate change as one of the top threats to American national security―and is busy developing strategies to cope with it.

Drawing on previously obscure reports and government documents, renowned security expert Michael Klare shows that the U.S. military sees the climate threat as imperiling the country on several fronts at once. Droughts and food shortages are stoking conflicts in ethnically divided nations, with “climate refugees” producing worldwide havoc. Pandemics and other humanitarian disasters will increasingly require extensive military involvement. The melting Arctic is creating new seaways to defend. And rising seas threaten American cities and military bases themselves.

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Michael Klare: Climate Change Tipping Points

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State of the Nation: The Zionist Khazarian Mafia Threat to the USA

Commercial Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

The Hidden Powers Behind the Destruction of America

The Khazarian Mafia Takes Complete Control of the United States of America

Phi Beta Iota: Worthy of a full read. Avoids the Vatican and British Empire threats, but properly distinguishes between Zionists (evil) and Jews (good) so we have no quarrel with it.  A summary that is not available anywhere else.

CounterPunch: Kirkpatrick Sale on Political Collapse Worldwide — States Failing, Center Folding, Social Contract Shredded … Everywhere

Cultural Intelligence

Political Collapse: The Center Cannot Hold


At the moment, there are no less than 65 countries are now fighting wars—there are only 193 countries recognized by the United Nations, so that’s a third of the world.

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Stephen E. Arnold: Is Amazon Concealing Its Core “Policeware” Aspect?

Commercial Intelligence, IO Impotency
Stephen E. Arnold

Amazon: What Does the S Team Do without a Policeware Leader?

You can get the list of S Team members in “Amazon Expands Bezos’ Elite ‘S-Team,’ Adding 6 Execs from Emerging Branches of the Company.” DarkCyber believes that there is a commitment at Amazon for policeware and developing services to assist authorities in determining if tax returns are on the up and up. The apparent exclusion of a designated policeware “owner” suggests that the company wants to continue its low profile approach to this high potential revenue sector.

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Robert Steele: Afghan Papers — STOP THE LIES!

Cultural Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

Afghanistan papers reveal US public were misled about unwinnable war

“Undeniable Evidence”: Explosive Classified Docs Reveal Afghan War Mass Deception

Berto Jongman: Half US Troops Consider Russia an Ally [Robert Steele: Pentagon Freaking Out Over Growing Anti-War Sentiment Among Troops and Across America]

Afghanistan: a Pentagon Paradise Built on Lies

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Zero Hedge: China’s Gold-Backed Crypto to Finish US Dollar? Or . . .

03 Economy

The Next Pearl Harbour? China’s Gold-Backed Crypto Currency Will Blindside US Dollar

Recent, financial pundit and TV host Max Keiser outlined such a scenario, and warned that the US will be blind-sided the day that China introduces its gold-backed crypto currency – an absolute game changer which would create a “catastrophic trapdoor opening underneath the US economy,” said Keiser.

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