Robert Steele: Space Warfare, Risk of Space Meltdown – Extraterrestrial Appraisal

Extraterrestial Intelligence

Space warfare and the risk of space meltdown (for example, the loss of all satellites that provide communications and geospatial navigation services) is a very real concern.

Separately there is the matter of stellar civilizations and the secret space force as well as off-planet trafficking in humans and especially children. Below are comments from two others as well as my own comment.

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Alan Hamilton: Victoria Australia Goes Nazi

Cultural Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

From Blue Shirts to Brown

My personal opinion is that the global program of lockdowns is a mechanism for reorganizing societies around the world along the lines of the World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Reset” agenda and all that this entails. It seems Daniel Andrews is fully on board with this agenda. But make no mistake, its coming to your state and country next.

I believe that sustained lockdowns are a “Stanley Milgram-style” experiment designed to see just how far bureaucrats in authority will exceed the moral limits of their power and how much abuse the Australian public will tolerate before they push back.

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