Robert Steele: Movie B Roll Photos

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In reverse order, as requested for the movie about to be released.  There are no releasable photos from my time as a spy.

1994 Against all opposition from the CIA, resigned from the USMC and kept going with the Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) revolution. Former DCI Bill Colby understood — he was murdered two years later.

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Owl: Body Doubles in US Politics, Biden, Clinton, & More . . .

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Who? Who?

Body Doubles of Politicians and the Famous Commonplace

You see Joe Biden the other or a video or picture of him? Maybe you actually did not. Maybe you saw his body double, filling in for him while the real Joe Biden was asleep in his basement, too fatigued to campaign.

Note: Google is blocking most of the images of Biden body doubles that have been posted.

In this thread, Paul Furber insists body doubles for politicians and the famous are commonplace and ubiquitous. Check out the entire thread, but here’s a few good examples from it:

World leaders have doubles for security reasons. Hillary was chucked into a van like a side of beef and her double appeared on the streets soon after. POTUS was at the President’s Cup in 2017, his double returned to the WH while he flew to Vegas to meet with bin Salman. Paul Furber @paul_furber

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Mongoose: Missing Children Recovered in Ohio, Les Wexner’s Complex of Children’s Hospitals and Underground Tunnels Not Discussed

07 Other Atrocities, 10 Transnational Crime

Ohio USMS Operation “Autumn Hope”: 45 Missing Children Physically Recovered, 109 Human Trafficking Survivors Rescued, 177 Arrests…

Phi Beta Iota: This is significant because Ohio is where Les Wexner, known to have funded the Mossad’s pedophilia entrapment operations, runs a ring of “children’s hospitals” believed to be on top of an underground tunnel network. there are hundreds of thousands of children still unaccounted for.

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