Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is about knowing who knows and being able to formulate a requirement, collect in all languages and mediums against that requirement, process and analyze the totality of the information collected, and deliver a “bubble gum card” answer to a decision-maker with less than three minutes to digest the decision-support.  Information is not intelligence.

The most common failure among all students and practitioners of OSINT is to limit themselves to digital online sources, 80% of which are incomplete or incorrect.  OSINT is HUMINT as the below graphic makes clear.

For years now I have been committed to helping anyone that wants to get

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OSING can answer 40% of all leader requirements for roughly 5% of what is spent on secret intelligence, which in turn provides “at best” 4% of what a leader needs.

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OSINT is not librarian ship but librarians need to make the leap from archiving to discovery, to include primary research that connects the student to the HUMAN who can distill an answer.  Today ntelligence services process perhaps 1% of what they collect, they collect 1% of what is published which is 1% of what is written which is 1% of what is known.  This is not very effective.

We need a new standard book in the field (or monograph) that is translated into Arabic, Chinese, English, Farsi, French, Russian, and Spanish.

Here are some basic references as a starting point for doing OSINT “right.”

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The Presidential Memorandum is here, along with a letter to the Secretary General.

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These are the minimal mandatory basic references — without these no treatment of OSINT can be said to have intellectual integrity.

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The NATO OSINT Handbook is very badly out of date and it would be a most useful contribution to organize an international conference to write the new OSINT Handbook.

OSINT is how you create a Smart Nation.  Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) is how you achieve peace and prosperity for all at 10-20% the cost of the failed western model, your thesis should conclude that the any and every country would benefit from sponsoring an Open Source Agency such as described in my memorandum to President Trump.

The secret intelligence world fears OSINT — OSINT will ultimately cut their budgets by up to 70% while making them much more accountable and effective at doing decision support instead of assassination, child smuggling, fake news, regime change, and torture.

I consider it an honor to help students, particularly graduate students.  I would be glad to write a preface or foreword for your thesis and help you get it published in English, if it meets my standards.  OSINT is decision support relying primarily on human sources with direct access to reality.  It is NOT media monitoring, which is ignorant and unprofessional CIA position.

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Addendum: the below link includes a photograph of me with Bill Binney and our agreed upon solution for President Trump should he ever decide he wants an intelligence community that actually serves the public interest at an affordable cost.

Robert Steele with Javad Heirannia, “Counterintelligence Failure by CIA and NSA in Venezuela: An Opportunity for President Donald Trump to Reform US Intelligence,” American Herald Tribune, 10 May 2019.  PBI BackUp also in Tehran Times (13 May 2019).


In passing:

Robert Steele: Columbia Journalism Review Guide to OSINT (1% of It)