Tom Atlee: Active Appreciation – Evolutionary Change Agent Strategy?

Active Appreciation: A strategy for evolutionary change agents Appreciation is usually thought of in relatively passive, personal terms, as in “art appreciation”. But I’m beginning to think of it in more active, socially transformational terms. It turns out the several definitions of appreciation can be woven into a focused concept of tremendous potential power. I’ve …

SPECIAL: Charlie Kirk of Turning Point – College Drop Out, $30 Million from Zionists, Mentored by a UK Scientologist, Hates the USS Liberty Truth — And This Slug Has the President’s Ear?

Phi Beta Iota: Charlie Kirk is a college drop-out. He has received $30 million from Zionists and other Deep State elements to blow smoke up the President’s ass. He is mentored by a UK Scientologist that has probably been told to target President Donald Trump for “capture.”  We do not make this shit up.