William Blum: Greg Bates of Common Courage Publishers Cheating Me, Blocking Distribution of Killing Hope

A number of you have remarked to me about Killing Hope being unavailable in stores and, usually, from Amazon, and often from myself. This is because one of the book’s publishers, Common Courage (Maine), and its editor Greg Bates, have blocked publication and distribution of the book by a new US publisher. Common Courage is …

Michael Maxsenti: Commission on Presidential Debates is not impartial – lawsuit to compel inclusiveness

Gary Johnson takes on one aspect of electoral reform. FairDebates.com What is ALL of the qualified Candidates were allowed to participate in the Presidential Debates?

Mary Ellen Bates: Seriously Searching Social

Seriously Searching Social (Slideshare) EXTRACT   Stealth research DOs & DON’Ts @mebs 16 DOs Set privacy settings to “STUN” Manage clients’ expectations Anonymize any requests for help Remember, this ain’t Dialog @mebs 17 DON’Ts DON’T assume the 80:20 rule DON’T leave footprints DON’T name names when asking for help @mebs 18 Social search strategies @mebs …

Mary Ellen Bates: The Indispensable Librarian

The Indispensable Librarian [57 Slides] Mary Ellen Bates Sep 11, 2014 What’s the value of priceless? Special libraries return $5.43 for every $1 invested. See Also: Mary Ellen Bates @ Phi Beta Iota Cliff Notes Below the Fold

Mary Ellen Bates: Super Searcher Tips & Tools

Mary Ellen Bates, perhaps American’s #1 Super-Searcher still active, provides an up to the minute 27 slide briefing packs with tips and tools offering new approaches and new resources for any web researcher. Super Searcher Tips – Computers in Libraries from Mary Ellen Bates

Mary Ellen Bates: Searching Beyond Google – tools for more efficient research

Searching Beyond Google: tools for more efficient research SLA Partner Talk sponsored by ProQuest/DIALOG 28 January 2014

Mary Ellen Bates: Turning Information Into Insight

MEB remains, in our view, the greatest US-based information broker of all time, along with Reva Basch now fully retired. Below is her 13 November 2013 presentation to the Special Library Association. Turning Information Into Insight Other available titles include: The Indispensable Librarian: Communicating Our Value Super Searcher Tips: Internat Librarian 2013

Mary Ellen Bates: Super Searcher Tips at Internet Librarian 2013

Super Searcher Tips: Internet Librarian 2013 Mary Ellen offers her favorite research strategies, techniques, and tips for getting the most out of … View

Mary Ellen Bates: Top Gun Information Broker Presentations

A.I.M. Higher For Your Corporate and Hospital Researchers (pdf) Mary Ellen brings her lively and practical approach to how info pros can most effectively support the research efforts within their organizations and best leverage their econtent. This webinar, sponsored by Springer, was presented on April 18, 2013. Super Searcher Tips (pdf) Mary Ellen presents her …

Chuck Spinney: TIME Blog on Key Questions That Don’t Get Asked in Presidential Debates

Key Questions That Don’t Get Asked in Presidential Debates By Chuck Spinney | October 11, 2012 For reasons that were quite clear well before the Afghan “surge” began (see here and here), America’s Afghan adventure is now ending without achieving its goals, despite Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s claim Wednesday in Brussels that “significant progress” has been made …

Chuck Spinney: Questions Not Asked in Presidential Debates

National Insecurity Questions That Won’t Be Asked in the Presidential Debates How Bad Will Things Get in Afghanistan? by FRANKLIN C. SPINNEY. Counterpunch, October 08, 2012 For reasons that were quite clear well before the Afghan “surge” began (see here and here), America’s Afghan adventure is now ending without achieving its goals. The prospects for a civil life in Afghanistan are likely …