Michel Bauwens: A New Post-Capitalist Ecosystem of Value Creation

A new post-capitalist ecosystem of value creation How to build the world we want within the world we want to transcend. The peer-to-peer capacity to relate to each other over the Internet entails the emergence of what Yochai Benkler in the The Wealth of Networks called ‘commons-based peer production’ (CBPP). CBPP is a new pathway …

Michel Bauwens: Post-Capitalist Values?

Michel Bauwens: Transition Proposals Towards a Commons-Oriented Economy and Society

Transition Proposals Towards a Commons-Oriented Economy and Society In the context of the Ecuadorian transition project towards a open commons-based knowledge society, see Floksociety.org, and to complement the prior analysis of three competing economic models in the age of peer production, I have formulated some transition proposals, on how to get from Phase 2, emerging …

Michel Bauwens: Non-Capitalist (Peer to Peer) Techno-Utopianism

Michel Bauwens — Other Non-Capitalist Techno-Utopianisms Part 5 of Kevin Carson’s Techno-Utopianism, Counterfeit and Real One of the most useful non-Marxist schools is the post-capitalist model of commons-based peer production, which inclues that of Michel Bauwens of the Foundation for Peer-to-Peer Alternatives. Late capitalism, Bauwens writes (with Franco Iacomella), is beset by two main structural irrationalities: artificial abundance and …

Michel Bauwens: Global Villages Network

Below is a reproduction of the new Global Villages Network page at the P2P Foundation Wiki. Global Villages Network An ongoing effort to create a dedicated group if people to enhance Village2Village cooperation

Michel Bauwens: P2P, the Commons, and Civil Renewal

Video Interview in Eleven Parts 01 – genesis of the P2P Foundation 02 – what are the commons? 03 – Old Vs New 04 – constitutionalism from below 05 – civil renewal 06 – why can’t we work together? 07 – democratization of culture & education 08 – Us and them vs mutualization 09 – …

Event: 25 Feb 16 Amsterdam Michel Bauwens & The Promise of the Blockchain

FIBER and De Brakke Grond present ‘Michel Bauwens & The Promise of the Blockchain – Future applications of decentralized databases’. This event is part of ‘All Futures Memories’ (De Brakke Grond) and is FIBER’s 12th edition of their Coded Matter(s) event serie. Learn more.

Michel Bauwens: TechnoCalyps Video Series — TransHuman, Singularity, Digital Messiah

TechnoCalyps Part I TransHuman

Michel Bauwens: Top 10 P2P Trends

Top 10 P2P Trends of 2015 Perhaps the main negative development in the field of p2p, and the commons, was the abandoning of the transformative change program by Syriza, which highlights the failure of the traditional Left to believe in its own promise for transition. This points to a strong need for a renewal of politics around …

Michel Bauwens: Sharing the Future

Sharing the future Economic theorist, activist, public speaker and a pioneer of the peer-to-peer movement, Michel Bauwens envisages a world in which the concept of co-operation has real value, writes Shane Gilchrist. Read full article.

Michel Bauwens: P2P Economics @ Futurism

Interview: Michel Bauwens on Peer-To-Peer Economics and Its Role in Reshaping Our World EXTRACT MB: There are, I believe, four types of commons to distinguish in this context. The first type is the immaterial commons we inherit, such as language and culture. The second type is the immaterial commons we create. This is where the …