Chris Hedges: American Anomie

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Richard Wolff with Chris Hedges on Coming Collapse of USA (They Don’t Know What Trump Is Planning)

Chris Hedges on The Coming Collapse of America Generally and the Democratic Party Especially

The Coming Collapse The Democratic Party, which helped build our system of inverted totalitarianism, is once again held up by many on the left as the savior. Yet the party steadfastly refuses to address the social inequality that led to the election of Trump and the insurgency by Bernie Sanders. It is deaf, dumb and …

Chris Hedges, Cornel West, and Richard Wolff “How To Kick-off A Revolution?”

Chris Hedges, Abby Martin, & Ben Norton: RT Strikes Back — Demolishing the Lazy, Shoddy, Unprofessional CIA Report on Russians Hacking the Election…

Eagle: Chris Hedges on Con vs. Con

Con vs. Con By Chris Hedges The battle between a bankrupt liberal class and the left will color the remainder of the presidential race. What is predictable, and sad, is that so many self-identified progressives and their organizations will once again serve as the pawns of neoliberalism. They will practice censorship. Progressive sites in the …

CounterPunch: Michael Hudson and Chris Hedges Discuss the Great Ponzi Scheme of the US and Global Economies

The Great Ponzi Scheme of the Global Economy So we’ve turned the post-war economy that made America prosperous and rich inside out. Somehow most people believed they could get rich by going into debt to borrow assets that were going to rise in price. But you can’t get rich, ultimately, by going into debt. In …

JZ Liszkiewics: Chris Hedges’ Days of Revolt Video Series

Days of Revolt Examples: Days of Revolt: The Militarism of U.S. Diplomacy Days of Revolt: The Revolution Will Be Local

Chris Hedges: Ralph Nader on Death of Electoral Politics — and Bernie Sanders as a Sheepdog

Days of Revolt: The Death of Electoral Politics In this episode of teleSUR’s Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges and Ralph Nader analyze Bernie Sanders’ campaign and the role of the two-party system in shutting out third parties. –   November 10, 2015

Chris Hedges: Karl Marx Was Right

Karl Marx Was Right On Saturday at the Left Forum in New York City, Chris Hedges joined professors Richard Wolff and Gail Dines to discuss why Karl Marx is essential at a time when global capitalism is collapsing. These are the remarks Hedges made to open the discussion.

Chris Hedges: The Most Dangerous Woman in America – a City Council PhD Socialist in Seattle

The Most Dangerous Woman in America SEATTLE — Kshama Sawant, the socialist on the City Council, is up for re-election this year. Since joining the council in January of 2014 she has helped push through a gradual raising of the minimum wage to $15 an hour in Seattle. She has expanded funding for social services …