Cynthia McKinney: Judge orders neo-Nazi website to pay black university graduate nearly £600,000 for racist ‘troll storm’

Judge orders neo-Nazi website to pay black university graduate nearly £600,000 for racist ‘troll storm’ Phi Beta Iota: This is good news because it means the “wild west” of cyber is finally coming under rule of law. We expect much larger jury awards against troll storms organized by AIPAC & the ADL.

Robert Steele: Ilhan Omar Rocks! UPDATE 5: Cynthia McKinney 2.0?

Ilhan Omar says it’s ‘exciting’ her controversial views on Israel are sparking debate ORIGINAL OPEN LETTER TO CNN lhan Omar’s views are not controversial, they are mainstream. It is a testament to your corruption and your obsequiousness to the Zionist forces that bribe, blackmail, and lie, that you should have such an obviously inccorrect take.

Cynthia McKinney: Rich White Kids… Drunk, Promiscuous, with Absentee Parents? Is This What U.S. “Leadership” is All About?

RICH WHITE KIDS . . . DRUNK, PROMISCUOUS, WITH ABSENTEE PARENTS? IS THIS WHAT U.S. “LEADERSHIP” IS ALL ABOUT? By Cynthia McKinney, Ph.D. Re-published with permission from AllThingsCynthia. As I read about the smear campaign being conducted by Democratic Party operatives using Dr. Christine Blasey Ford aimed to impugn the character and career of Judge …

Randy Short & Robert Steele: 12 Pardons = Black Male Vote [Comment by Cynthia McKinney]

RANDY SHORT:  There is no faster route to the heart of the black men of America  than through a sincere recognition of the degree to which the US prison system is used as a profit center with black men (and increasingly poor white youth) as the “animals” being processed without mercy. To win the hearts …

Julian Assange & Cynthia McKinney — Freedom Vigil

50 high-profile public supporters of Julian Assange in Vigil To date the groundbreaking, trans-partisan #Unity4J solidarity movement has attracted participation from transparency advocates across the political spectrum including John Kiriakou, Kim Dotcom, Daniel Ellsberg, Lee Camp, Jimmy Dore, George Galloway, Chris Hedges, Ross Cameron and Cynthia McKinney. Read more.