Dr. Dr. Dave Warner on Convergent Futures — Cognitive Neuroscience Meets Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things

PPT (27 Pages): Dave Warner on Convergent Futures Full Briefing Online Below the Fold

Dr. Dr. Dave Warner Departing Afghanistan

Our hero. Dr. Dr. as we call him (PhD and MD) has for decades been the lone voice in the wilderness trying to bring DoD into the 21st Century with open source tools that could be shared with non-military elements that control 80% of the relevant foreign language and ground truth information not available via …

Dave Warner: TED Prize of $1M to Anti-Corruption and Transparency Activist

TED Winner Launches Campaign to Unmask Shell Companies Anti-corruption activist Charmian Gooch launched a new global campaign on Tuesday night to unmask shell corporations and lobby for legislation requiring more transparency, using a newly awarded $1 million TED Prize. The Global Witness co-founder won the prestigious award to expand on her organization’s work to unmask …

REVEALED: The True Story of Dr. Dr. Dave Warner and the Synergy Strike Force

The Merry Pranksters Who Hacked the Afghan War It was a dark time in a long, drawn-out war. Afghanistan was festering with resentment. The Pentagon brass were desperate. It was the kind of last-ditch moment when authorities start throwing an era’s weirdest ideas at its most hopeless bureaucratic mistakes. (ILLUSTRATIONS: GRAHAM SMITH) By Brian Calvert …

Dr. Dr. Dave Warner in Afghanistan — Unable to Get Funding for Open Networks for Peace Across the Country — Say What?

Reference: Lee Felsenstein & Dave Warner Converse

Conversation Starting Point: Afghan Self-stabilization from Below – and Above Who’s Who in Peace Intelligence: Lee Felsenstein Who’s Who in Peace Intelligence: Dave Warner Monday 12 July 2010 (Read from Bottom Up)

Who’s Who in Peace Intelligence: Dave Warner

Gov 2.0 Summit 09: Dave Warner, “Rapid Fire: Location, Location, Location” Dave Warner  MindTel ARCH Synergist http://projects.mindtel.com Dave Warner is a Medical Neuroscientist and the Director of Medical Intelligence at MindTel. His interests include interventional informatics, medical communications, distributed medical intelligence, biosensors, quantitative human performance, expressional interface systems and physio-informatics. He has been engaged in …

Reference: Dr. Dr. Dave Warner & Synergy Strike Force in Afghanistan–”Save the Willing First”

Dr. Dr. Dave Warner (PhD, MD) Ref A:  Cyber-Pass Meets Khyber Pass Ref B:   Warner to Clapper on PRT Comms Ref C:  UnityNet White Paper Final See Also: Earth Intelligence Network “One Call At a Time” Lee Felsenstein Concept for Cellular Aid AidData INTELLIGENCE for EARTH

Handbook: Synergy Strike Force, Dr. Dr. Dave Warner, Round II

  Phi Beta Iota:  STRONG ANGEL was the other major innovation besides CATALYST, Analysis 2000, and MCIA JNID.  Below is Round II from STRONG ANGEL, with Round II from M4IS2 soon to be made public, built around SILOBREAKER (actually, Son of SILOBREAKER).  We considered forcing visits to the Synergy Strike Force home page, but decided that …