Berto Jongman: Interesting National Security Links

Chemical Industry Cyber War Per Joe Nye Dirty Politics Described by Insider Endangered Tribe in Brazil Lenin’s Terror: The Ideological Origins of Early Soviet State Violence Nuclear Espionage Confirmed Review: But Will the Planet Notice? Surveillance State (Salon)  

DefDog: Anonymous Intercepts FBI – Scotland Yard Conference Call On — Wait for It — Hacking… + Meta-RECAP

Example of the state of USGOV systems…. Anonymous gain access to FBI and Scotland Yard hacking call BBC news, 3 February 2012 Hacking network Anonymous has released a recording of a conference call between the FBI and UK police in which they discuss efforts against hacking. The call, said to have taken place last month, …

DefDog: Is DHS Stupid, Dishonest, or Both? + RECAP

Is this more of the same as the alleged attack planning on the Saudi Ambassador? Stuxnet Clone Found Possibly Preparing Power Plant Attacks Security researchers have detected a new Trojan, scarily similar to the infamous Stuxnet worm, which could disrupt computers controlling power plants, oil refineries and other critical infrastructure networks. The Trojan, dubbed “Duqu” …

Review: Democracy as Problem Solving – Civic Capacity in Communities Across the Globe

Xavier N. De Souza Briggs 5 for Academics, 4 for Isolation from Corruption, June 25, 2011 I am stunned to not see a review of this book published in 2008. It certainly merits attention and inclusion in any dialog about democracy. The author caught my attention immediately in the preface, observing that US democracy “looks …

2011 Cyber-Command or IO 21 + IO Roots

Briefing  (28 Slides) Version 3.2 (Notes As Delivered) Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Starting Point 2009 DoD OSINT Leadership and Staff Briefings Below the Line: Unclassified Impressions & Questions, Three Books on Truth, Past OSINT and IO References with Emphasis on Multinational Sharing and Sense-Making