Veterans Today: Dual US-Israel Loyalty Under the Law is Un-American and Un-Constitutional – Zionist Strike #58 (Legalizing Treason)

When Dual Loyalty Becomes the Law This dual loyalty to Israel is going too far, with many academic institutions and state governments, requiring guest speakers and contractors to pledge allegiance to the State of Israel and not to boycott Israel if they are to do business with the state.

Yoda: Two Divisive Trends – Unassimilated Immigrants Who Commit Treason, and Fake News False Flag Anything Goes Lies

Two Divisive Trends That Will Shape the New Decade The combination of “alternative facts” and not knowing what to believe begs the question: How does a nation that depends and thrives on the free flow of accurate information survive when “news” is suspect and self-selected by one’s party or political beliefs? What happens when “we …