Berto Jongman: Interesting Global Security Links

Links (Global Security)
Berto Jongman

ANIMATION on the Educational System

Attack on Iran a Bad Idea

AUDIO:  Prevention of Nuclear Terorrism

Beware of Imitators: Al-Qa`ida through the Lens of its Confidential Secretary

Book: Little America – the War Within the War for Afghanistan

Book: Rethinking the British Counterinsurgency

BOOK REVIEW: David Sanger's Confront & Conceal

International Cooperation on Cyber-Security

NCTC Annual Report

Nuclear Detection Call for Comments

Organized Crime and State Formation

Risk of Cyberwar

Risks & Rewards of Cyberwar

Spending on Mega-Death (Nuclear) with No Return on Investment

Terrorism Infomatics

VIDEO: Secretary of State Clinton at Counter-Terrorism Forum

VIDEO: Ted Talk on Evolution of the Brain

Wikipedia/Rendition Aircraft

Berto Jongman: Interesting Global Security Links

Links (Global Security)
Berto Jongman

Anonymous Book – The Secret Lives of Dangerous Hackers

Bedouin Uprising

Cheat Sheet: Behind The U.S. Cyberattacks on Iran

Conscious Leadership for Sustainability

Earth 2062: An Optimistic Outline


Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Drones

FBI: New Internet addresses could hinder police investigations

Genocide Forecasting

Going Rogue: America's Unconventional Warfare in the Mideast

Israel Acquires German Nuclear-Missile Capable Submarines

Saying “No” to Censorship: The Fight For a Free Internet is In Our Hands

State Department Taps Into Intelligence-Extraction Technology to Monitor Social Media

VIDEO: Drone Policy Debate

VIDEO: Philip Zimbardo: Why ordinary people do evil … or do good

Berto Jongman: Interesting Global Security Links

Links (Global Security)
Berto Jongman

Atomic Bomb of Cyberspace (US Leak that It Did Stuxnet)

Phi Beta Iota:  Disinformation.  Israeli's did it, US has no clue.  A political move, David Axelrod being the most likely source of the insane guidance to let this disinformation “leak.”

Bilderberg Image of Dense Connections

BOOK: Terminator Planet: The First History of Drone Warfare, 2001-2050

Exclusive: CIA Documents on 9/11

The CIA has released nearly 800 pages of newly declassified documents on Al Qaeda and the September 11 attacks.  The documents were released in response to an INTELWIRE Freedom of Information Act request for material referenced by the 9/11 Commission.

Is a ‘new' al-Qaeda posing a bigger threat?

PDF: Challenging Extremists Within Universities

US Move To Make Internet “Weapon Of War” Sparks Global Fears

VIDEO:  “Inside Job” Director Charles Ferguson: Where Are the Criminal Prosecutions for Financial Crisis?

Ferguson notes the Clinton administration oversaw the most important financial deregulation, and since then, “We’ve seen in the Obama administration very little reform and no criminal prosecutions, and the appointment of a very large number of Wall Street executives to senior positions in the government, including some people who were directly responsible for causing significant portions of the crisis.”

VIDEO: Mona Eltahawy – Oslo Freedom Forum 2012

In her #OFF12 remarks, Egyptian-American journalist Mona Eltahawy pays tribute to Václav Havel and the power of words, reviews dangerous global censorship trends, and highlights the abuses of the Egyptian military junta.

VIDEO: Never Give Up Deep Yoga Takes Veteran from 100% Disability to Near Zero Disability

VIDEO: Spirit Science Lesson 11 – Consciousness Matters

Today, we look at the aspect that Consciousness plays in the role of Evolution, and the evolution that's happening to us right now as a species on planet earth.

VIDEO: Ten-year-old boy co-authors scientific paper

Key point: a unique perspective divorced from the substance of the problem.

VIDEO: Torture By Sesame Street At Guantanamo Bay: Al Jazeera Reports

Berto Jongman: Interesting Global Security Links

Links (Global Security)
Berto Jongman

Al Qaeda in Yemen Documentary

Animation of Paradigm Shift

Crusade 2.0 :  The West's Resurgent War on Islam

GigaNet (Organization and Conference)

Iran Strategy of US Working

Johan Galtung: Say War Think Peace

Long Now Foundation: If Mayors Ruled the World

Red Team Analysis of State Failure

Science of Torture

Science Special Issue on Human Conflict

US Domestic Threat (CRS Report)

US Veterans 50% Disabled After Recent Wars

Visualization Software (New)

Water Security Maps