1993: God, Man, & Information – Comments to Interval In-House (Full Text Online)

“GOD, MAN, & INFORMATION: COMMENTS TO INTERVAL IN-HOUSE” Tuesday, 9 March 1993 Robert David Steele Executive Summary Electromagnetic pollution–in the form of both increased levels of uncontrolled and misunderstood levels of emission, and in the form of broader and more intense bandwidth exploitation–constitutes the technical terror of the 21st century.[1] There is another terror facing …

Robert Steele: Welcoming Remarks to OSS ’92

Steele, Robert. “Welcoming Remarks by Robert D. Steele, Host: Consumer Needs, Data Changes, Technology Changes, Organizational Changes, Future Vision & Issues,” McLean, VA: First International Symposium on National Security & National Competitiveness, Open Source Solutions, December 1, 1992. Full Text Below the Fold