Who’s Who in Collective Intelligence: Jock Gill

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Jock Gill
Jock Gill

Mr. Gill is President and Founder of Penfield Gill, Incorporated, a consulting firm specializing in New Media communications, marketing, and strategic planning. Currently, Mr. Gill is a cofounder of the not-for-profit Grass Energy Collaborative and the for-profit Biomass Commodities Corporation. From 1993 to 1995, Mr. Gill was Director of Special Projects in the Office of Media Affairs at The White House, where he was a key member of the communications innovations team which introduced electronic publishing, public access email to the President, and, in October 1994, the first White House web site—Welcome to the White House. Mr. Gill is a speaker on the history and future of information technology and new media. He has also been a senior product manager at Lotus Development Corporation, and was the founding president of Computer Access Corporation. http://www.jockgill.com.

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