Who’s Who in Collective Intelligence: Mister Jalopy

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Mister Jalopy
Mister Jalopy

Mister Jalopy is a fearlessly experimental welder, woodworker, bicycle mechanic, writer, photographer, embroiderer, artist, electronics troubleshooter, teacher, furniture rebuilder, garage saler, activist, wheeler dealer, street racer, blogger, editor, auto mechanic, speaker, fabricator, builder, large appliance repairman, columnist, designer and entrepreneur.

Empowering consumers to be able to repair, rebuild, reuse and reinvent the products they invest in is at the core of Mr. J’s philosophy. As part of the Maker’s Bill of Rights article in Make: Magazine, Jalopy declared, “if you can’t open it, you don’t own it” Asserting that an individual should be able to open, repair and modify the products that they buy, the Maker’s Bill of Rights gave a clear voice to the Maker Movement’s frustration with increasingly disposable products that lock out consumers.

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