Journal: Cyber-Idiocy Two, Cyber-Sense Zero

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U.S. Struggles with ‘Electronic Fratricide’ in Afghanistan

November 17, 2009,  Nathan Hodge

In Afghanistan, western militaries use radio frequency jammers to keep troops safe from remotely-detonated bombs. But those jammers and other gadgets have contributed to a “pollution” of the airwaves so severe that over 200 systems at Afghanistan’s main air base can’t talk to one another.

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Senate Panel: 80 Percent of Cyber Attacks Preventable

November 17, 2009,  Kim Zetter

If network administrators simply instituted proper configuration policies and conducted good network monitoring, about 80 percent of commonly known cyber attacks could be prevented, a Senate committee heard Tuesday.

Phi Beta Iota: Below the fold see the technical threat slide from Dr. Mich Kabay, and accompanying words, as presented to NSA at the first public conference in Las Vegas in January 2002. We have learned NOTHING since then, and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is as catatonic as any so-called “Presidential” oversight agency could be…..our ignorance in the cyber-arena is halfway toward matching our ignorance in the intelligence arena–$75 billion a year for 4% of what the President needs, while we ignore 95% of the open sources in 183 languages we do not speak.  At a more strategic level, we could buy peace three times for what we spend on war.

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