2007 Winston Maike — In Memory — EIN Topic Summaries & Forecasts

Winston Maike (RIP)
Winston Maike (RIP)

Winston Maike (RIP) was the earliest adopter of the OSS.Net concepts and contributed in many ways over the years from 1993 onwards.  He corrected the Latin in the first motto, E Vertiate Potens (From Truth, We the People Are Made Powerful), and was the principal mind and drafter of the Earth Intelligence Network topic summaries and forecasts, offered below, as well as the consolidator of headlines across all 30 topics that were then distilled into a weekly report, one sample of which is provided below.

PDBweekly20070129 PDF

We are loading all of the top cited authors, top centers of excellence with web sites, and forecasts, at the original Earth Intelligence Network website, which is offered as a humble example of one very low-cost approach to thinking about the future as a whole.

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