1993 Alvin Toffler, “The Future of the Spy” in War & Anti-War

About the Idea
Chapter 17: "The Future of the Spy"
Chapter 17: “The Future of the Spy”

PDF (17 Pages): 1993 Toffler Chapter The Future of the Spy

Alvin Toffler was stuggling with a chapter tentative focused on the future of knowledge, when TASC executives sent him a copy of the Proceedings from OSS 1992.  He read-in, interviewed Robert Steele by telephone, and this chapter was born, built around five pages sub-titled “The Rival Store.”

Many years later, reading about the throw-away camara in a book about innovation, the similarity between the throw-away camara, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), and the reactions of the high-end camara shops (the secret technical collection world) are so similar as to be worthy of note.

The high-end camara shops refused to sell the throw-away camara.  It went to grocery stores instead, and promptly captured the 90% of the market that could not afford high-end camaras.

Similiarly, OSINT has “captured” 90 countries, most of which do not have the money for expensive technical collection systems and the processing capacity that is also needed.    And so it came to pass…..

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