Reference: 1995 Bill Gates Internet Tidal Wave Memorandum

US DoJ Online Copy

Phi Beta Iota: Although labeled Confidential the document that we link to is publicly available at the US Department of Justice web site.  Below is a summary of what we took away from this document, which was prescient by most standards ( was created in 1993 by Dr. Eric Thiese, then the Internet Editor for WIRED Magazine).

Early points of interest to Bill Gates:

01)  Scale to Infinity and Beyond
02)  Traffic volume and speed
03)  Content enhancement including 3-D visualization
04)  Marginal cost of added communications use zero
05)  Content-user feedback loops create the tidal wave
06)  Client services must follow, help create and publish on the web
07)  Technical Challenge:  Real-time content
08)  Technical Opportunity:  Human in the loop on tap 24/7
09)  Open source alternatives to the commercial internet “scary”

Internal Action Areas Identified by Bill Gates:

01)  Servers
02)  Client PC's (Internet would extend life of PCs)
03)  File Sharing
04)  Forms/Languages
05)  Formats
06)  Tools

Areas for Immediate Consideration:

01)  Office on to the Internet
02)  MSN scaling up
03)  Broadband media
04)  Electronic commerce

Cool Reference:

Application Strategies for the World Wide Web by Peter Pathe

Internal Challenge:

Coordinating various development activities across a very large complex global enterprise

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