Graphic: Citizen-Centered Intelligence I

OSINT for Citizens I
OSINT for Citizens I

This was created for THE NEW CRAFT OF INTELLIGENCE and has yet to be realized, in part because Google is busy claiming ownership of everything it can touch while offering nothing in the way of sense-making.  Similarly, Amazon is focusing on Kindle (and will reach in and delete all your electronic books if your subscription ever lapses) while completely ignoring the World Brain and “mico-sale” opportunities that were pointed out to them in a standing-room only conference for their developers.  What we have learned from this is that top-down companies will never invest in bottom-up needs–IBM, Oracle, CISCO, all of the big companies are blind to the leverage attendant to empowering the single individual human brain.  Only Nokia appears to be properly focused, and even there, they lack the call center and cloud aspect partnerships that Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, and Russia could provide.

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