BASIC: Open Source Intelligence Familiarization Documents (Original)


Document (1 Page):  Open Source Intelligence Familiarization Documents 2.0

Above in document form, below in full text online, is the original document created in 2006.

Open Source Intelligence Familiarization Documents

               The intent of this single-page document is to share basic knowledge about Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).


Quincy Wright, “Project for a World Intelligence Center” (1957)

Al Gray, “Global Intelligence Challenges of the 1990’s” (1988-1989)

Robert Steele, Critique of CIA/FBIS OSINT Plan (1989, Still Valid in 2006)

USMC, OSINT Program Debate History (1989-1995)

Robert Steele, “E3i: Ethics, Ecology, Evolution, & Intelligence: An Alternative Paradigm” (1992)

Robert Steele, “God, Man, and Information: Comments to INTERVAL In-House” (1993)

Robert Steele, “Creating a Smart Nation” (1996)

Robert Steele, “The OSINT Story” (2004)

Robert Steele, “Basic Lectures on Secret Intelligence Shortfalls and All-Source Reform” (2004)


MCIA, “Model for Analysis of Expeditionary Environment” (1989)

MCIA, “Expeditionary Environment Strategic Generalizations” (1990)

USMC, “Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield” (1992)

Robert Steele, “OSINT: What Is It?  Why Is It Important to the Military?” (1994)

Robert Steele, “Expeditionary Environment in 21st Century” (1994)

Ben Gilad, Business Blindspots (1996)

Robert Steele, “Virtual Intelligence & Information Peacekeeping” (1997)

Robert Steele, “Information Peacekeeping: The Purest Form of War” (1998)

Robert Steele, “Asymmetric Warfare and Four Forces After Next” (1998)

Robert Steele et al, “Relevant Information” (1999)

Amitai Avishalom, “Overcoming Impediments to Information Sharing” (2003)

Defense Science Board “Strategic Communication” (July 2004)

United Nations, “A More Secure World: Our Shared Responsibility” (2004)

Robert Steele, “Address to the Department of State” (2004)

Robert Steele, “Peacekeeping Intelligence” (2004)

Robert Steele, “Information Peacekeeping” (2004)

Robert Steele, “Questions Any National Intelligence Manager Should Be Able to Answer” (2005)

Robert Steele, “Address to the Department of Homeland Security” (2005)

Robert Steele, “Briefing for the Department of Defense” (2006)

C. K. Prahalad, The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid (2006)

Robert Steele, “Reinventing Intelligence”  (2006)

Practice                                                                                                                        Robert Steele, “Creating a Bare Bones OSINT Capability” (1994)

Jack Davis, Compendium of Analytic Tradecraft (1997)

Robert Steele,, OSINT Executive Overview (1998)

NATO Open Source Intelligence Handbook (2001)

NATO Open Source Intelligence Reader (2002)

NATO Intelligence Exploitation of the Internet (2002)

Robert Steele, “New Rules for the New Craft of Intelligence” (2002)

Robert Steele, “Peacekeeping Intelligence Leadership Digest 1.0” (2003)

Eobert Steele, “Special Operations Forces Open Source Intelligence Handbook” (DRAFT, 2004)

Robert Steele, “Primer on Public Intelligence” (2005)

Anonymous & Deep Web, 900 Online Open Sources Relevant to Military Operations (Arpil 2006)

Robert Steele, The Practice of Intelligence and Related Documents (2006, Includes Challenge to DNI)

Policy & Investment

Mr. Boyd Sutton, “Challenge of Global Coverage” (1997)

Dr. Joseph Markowitz, “Open Source Investment Strategy” (2000)

Dr. Stephen Cambone, USDI, Speech to SASA (2004)

Defense Science Board, “Transition to and From Hostilities” (2004)

Robert Steele, “Creating a Defense Open Source Agency” (2005)

Robert Steele, “Funding a National Open Source Agency at $2B a Year” (2005)

Robert Steele, “Commercial Imagery and Geospatial Funding at $600M a Year” (2005)

Robert Steele, “Creating a Combatant Commander Open Source Program” (2005)

Congressman Rob Simmons (R-CT-02), “Foreword” to Book on Information Operations (2006)


John Perry Barlow in Forbes (2002)

Robert STEELE in TIME (2003)

Kris Alexander in WIRED (2005)

“The Power of Us” in Business Week (2005)

Robert Steele “Reinventing Intelligence,”Forbes (2006)


Annual Training Conference, Proceedings, 1992-date (less 2005, none held)

Portal Pages and Archives,, 1992-date

Robert Steele, Amazon Lists of Recommended Books (look at this first)

Robert Steele, Amazon Reviews (Be patient, two hours = two years grad school)

NOTE: the book reviews are how wepoint to all the other minds we respect.

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