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James Duncan
James Duncan

Photo Credit:  Piers Cawley

3D printing and open source design

Biography in Book:

James Duncan is VP of Technology at Marketingisland, in Montreal, Quebec. Prior to joining Marketingisland James worked for Fotango Ltd, a Canon subsidiary, first as its Chief Scientist and then as CIO. While at Fotango James spent time researching many emerging technologies, including 3D printing. When James finds the time he blogs at http://www.whoot.org/.

Updated Biography:

James is a grizzled veteran of many startups – some successful, some not.  Having seen the successful acquired, and IPO’d, James brings perspective of how companies change, from small to large, and what a company needs to do at each stage of its growth. Most recently, James was one of two founders at Reasonably Smart, a Platform-as-a-Service company based in Montréal. James became Joyent's VP of Product Development after their acquisition of Reasonably Smart.

Prior to Reasonably Smart, James spent seven years at Fotango, finishing his time there as the CIO. Fotango, acquired by Canon in 2001, developed one of the world’s first Platform-as-a-Service offerings.  This expertise allows James to bring a deep knowledge of platforms, frameworks, and operations to Joyent and their customers.

The Book
The Book

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