2009 Defense Science Board Report on Creating an Assured Joint DoD and Interagency Interoperable Net-Centric Enterprise

Defense Science Board

See the General Accountability Office (GAO) report on the DoD “grid” of the future as being unaffordable, unachievable, unrealistic in its aspirations, and generally a waste of the taxpayer's money.  This is a great report, especially for the techno-inclined, and it has exactly one phrase that sums it all up but is not fully appreciated:  “We are no longer network-enabled, we are network dependent.”  So this report begs the question, why are we persisting in trying to fund, build, and maintain unilateral secret systems that do not allow multinational and interagency information-sharing and sense-making?  Why are we not addressing the complexity, congestion, and easily disrupted global commerce grid upon which we rely so heavily?  [See Stephen Carmel's brilliant presentation on this point.}


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