AFRICOM Week in Review Ending 27 July 2009


Hot Topics

CG: Global Witness names British firms dealing with Congo rebels 07/21/09

KE: Kenya to register mobile users to cut crime 07/23/09

KE: Kenyan telecoms firm warns of privacy violations 07/25/09

NG: In Niger Delta, Uneasy Peace as Rebel Disarmament Date Nears 07/27/09

SD: Darfur Peacekeepers Will Be Able to Curtail Violence, UN Says 07/24/09

SO: Al-Shababs Reign Of Terror. 07/21/09

SO: Somalia tops failed states 2nd year in a row 07/22/09

SO: Somalia:Rebel leader says he is uniting Insurgents 07/24/09


NG: At least 40 killed in Nigeria clashes 07/26/09

NG: Nigeria: police-Islamist clash kills dozens 07/26/09

SO: Somali rebels to close down three UN agencies 07/21/09

SO: 16 die in fighting with insurgents in Somalia 07/23/09

SO: Radical Islamists Slip Easily Into Kenya 07/22/09

SO: Rebels in Somalia to unite against enemies of Islam 07/25/09

ZA: S.Africa Threatens Clampdown on Violent Protests 07/23/09

ZW: SA Zimbabwe border wide open – DA 07/26/09

Special Operations

ER: Eritreas entry changes face of Somalia conflict 07/21/09

GH: Comment: National Security Nonsense 07/27/09

ML: Mali declares all-out war on jihadists 07/23/09

ML: Mali ex-rebels to tackle al-Qaeda 07/21/09

SO: Pirates operate undeterred in the high seas 07/22/09

Security Forces

CD: New DRC clashes force 35000 from homes 07/25/09

GH: Police vow to carry crime war to robbers 07/24/09

KE: Abductions Propel Kenya to Reinforce Border with Somalia 07/22/09

KE: Cops slain as Kenyan President vows action 07/21/09

MR: Mauritania arrests alleged member of Al-Qaeda offshoot 07/26/09

RW: Rwanda: Over 500 FDLR Killed, Captured – Monuc 07/21/09

SD: African Union extends Darfur mission 07/21/09

SO: Somali Government Forces Take Over Key Town 07/26/09

SO: Somalia Government Forces, Islamists Clash in Capital; 18 Dead 07/23/09

TD: UN chief wants Chad, Sudan to foster regional stability 07/21/09

ZA: South Africa declares war on rhino poachers 07/24/09

Foreign Affairs

AO: Castro meets Angolas president: state media 07/21/09

AO: Nam engages Angola, Zim to fight crime 07/24/09

GW: Guinea-Bissau holds runoff vote on president 07/27/09

KE: Kenyas Odinga says cabinet united on violence court 07/22/09

LR: Liberian Farmers Sell Cocoa to Ivorian Counterparts on Prices 07/23/09

MR: Mauritania at crossroads 07/24/09

NG: Nigerias Freed Okah Met Militant Leaders On Peace Talks 07/26/09

SD: Air raid did not touch Sudan army, population -Chad 07/21/09

UG: Uganda: Clerics Criticise Chissanos Stand On LRA Rebels 07/22/09


CD: Commander concerned over UN abuse rumours in DR Congo 07/24/09

CG:  Caritas aid worker killed in Congo 07/21/09

CM: Rebels Free Four Oil Hostages in Cameroon 07/21/09

GH: Ghana Opposition Party Accuses Government of Persecution 07/22/09

LR: Liberia: I am not running away says Senator Prince Johnson 07/24/09

LR: Liberia: Taylor Was Too Busy With Issues In Liberia and Could Not … 07/23/09

NG: Robberies, Kidnappings on Rise in Nigerias Southeast 07/25/09

UG: There is more reason for Uganda to arrest Bashir 07/22/09

ZA: Illegal kidneys sold to desperate people 07/25/09

ZW: ZIMBABWE: When the cops are the robbers 07/22/09

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