2008 COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE: Creating a Prosperous World at Peace

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I conceptualized this book with help from Tom Atlee and George Por, but after discovering Mark Tovey, a Canadian PhD student exploring the intersection of Collective Intelligence (not yet an accepted academic discipline) and Cognitive Science (very scientific, not properly addressing the humanity of it all), I turned the book over to him and he literally doubled the content, added organizational coherence I would not have been capable of, and created the first book in the new discipline of Collective Intelligence.

This is also the first book published under the banner of Earth Intelligence Network, a 501c3 Public Charity developing public intelligence in the public interest.  We are especially focused on the EarthGame developed by Medard Gabel, who created the World Game with Buckminster Fuller, believing that in such a Serious Game we can achieve both a fully-informed public and the ability to self-govern at the line-item level as active members of multiple communities–Panarchy instead of Anarchy, with Zero Waste.

Visit Mark directly at http://marktovey.ca/

Tom Atlee's account on how this book came to be.

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Free Chapter
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Amazon Page $39.95++

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