EUCOM Week in Review Ending 29 July 2009


Hot Topics

AM:  Cyber Wars: Experts say Armenia IT sector vulnerable to attack 07/24/09

GE: Georgia Leaving an Ailing CIS Organisation 07/27/09

IL: Israel pays NIS 3.25 million to protester shot by Border Police 07/28/09

KV: Isolation fear grips Kosovo Serbs 07/29/09

KV: Kosovo and Systematic Persecution by KLA 07/25/09

RU: Skypes a threat to Russian national security? So say Russian … 07/28/09

UA: Firms have sketchy links to Ukraine, Vancouver 07/25/09

UK: Britain opts out of NATO cyber centre 07/24/09


DE: Germany Openly Warns Of Terror Threat 07/27/09

ES: Spanish barracks hit by car bomb

IL: Israel Keeps Iran Strike on The Table 07/27/09

IL: Nablus festival stage torched as Israeli patrols oust local forces 07/27/09

RU: Russia Warns US Against Sending Monitors to Georgia 07/28/09

RU: Suicide bomber hits Chechen capital 07/26/09

RU: The Kremlins Violent Underbelly 07/28/09

TR: Turkey, Iraq, US meet to discuss against Kurdish PKK 07/28/09

Special Operations

DE: German police keep order at murder trial 07/29/09

IL: Israeli spy cells aimed to destroy Hizbullah 07/29/09

RS:  Foreign Agents Helping Serbia Hunt for Mladic 07/27/09

TR: Turkey arrests 200 Hizb ut-Tahrir suspects 07/24/09


Security Forces

AA: EU mulls plan to train Somali security forces 07/27/09

AA: NATO trains Sweden and Finland for Conflict with Russia and Afghan War 07/27/09

AL: Albania decides to send more troops to Afghanistan 07/29/09

AZ:  Azerbaijani seamen to observe Iran-Russia exercises on Caspian Sea 07/29/09

DE: Germans intensify fighting in Afghanistan 07/28/09

IL: idfs information much more secure: No leaks during Gaza op 07/29/09

IL: Security Forces Destroy Second of 11 Outposts 07/29/09

LT: Authority regalia to be presented to new army commander in Lithuania 07/28/09

RU: Russia Promotes its Sphere of Privileged Interests in Kyrgyzstan 07/28/09

UA: Ukraine-Russia Spat Over Missiles and APCs 07/25/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Central Europe: Naive Nostalgia 07/28/09

AM: The Basic Principles are not in the interests of Karabakh and Armenia 07/24/09

AZ: Participation of both Nagorno-Karabakh communities in talks … 07/25/09

BY: Belarusian pres slams Russia, wants closer ties with West 07/24/09

CY: Cyprus – Foreign Minister briefs his EU counterparts and meets … 07/28/09

GE: Georgia – Monday Briefing held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs …07/28/09

IL: Israel angry at UNIFIL-Hizbullah contact 07/28/09

IL: Israel might talk with Lebanon by reviving 1949 armistice commission 07/29/09

IS: EU FMs meet on Iceland 07/27/09

RU: Medvedev Tries to Dress Foreign Policy Setbacks as Achievements 07/28/09

RU: The Russian Economy and Russian Power 07/27/09

SE: Swedish Presidency EU – Statement in the UN Security Council on …07/27/09

TR: Closing doors on Turkey will stir EU instability, says Swedish envoy 07/28/09


AA: Kosovar Charged Over International Terror Plot 07/28/09

AZ:  Azerbaijans occupied territories turn into center of organized crime: deputy FM 07/28/09

HR: What about war crimes? – Kargil heros family to government 07/26/09

RU:  Russias Godfather, Vyacheslav Ivankov, Wounded In Moscow 07/28/09

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