PACOM Week in Review Ending 26 July 2009


Hot Topics

BD: Solar Panels Energize Villages in Bangladesh 07/25/09

CN: Al-Qaedas next front – China 07/20/09

CN: Chinas Green Dam and the cyberwar implications 07/23/06

ID: Abu Bakar Bashirs warning: the terror will not end 07/23/09

ID: The usual terrorism suspects moved from JI to the Noordin network 07/20/09

IN: Mumbai gunman describes indoctrination in Pakistan 07/21/09

IN: US may get to check Indian military bases 07/21/09

IN: India and Pakistan have done enough harm to each other 07/24/09

JP: Japans Military Looks to the Final Frontier 07/21/09

KP: China complicit in North Koreas antics 07/25/09

LK: Rajapaksa says he would defend his Armys actions in any court 07/22/09

LK: Sri Lanka to free military deserters: official 07/23/09

MM: Myanmar Might Be Building Nuclear Program, Experts Say 07/21/09

NP: India agrees to resume military assistance 07/21/09

PH: MILF truce opens door to talks—peace adviser 07/25/09


CN: Chinas leaders reap instability 07/23/09

ID: Extremist Ideas Survive Crackdown in Indonesia 07/23/09

ID: Inside Javas production line of terror 07/22/09

ID: Radical Islam Checks In 07/21/09

PH: Fighting erupts as 100 rebels storm military camp in S. Philippines 07/22/09

PH: Muslim rebels halt attacks in Philippine south 07/25/09

PH: News Analysis: Philippines faces serious threat from Jemaah … 07/25/09

PH: Southeast Asia sharing more intel after Jakarta attacks 07/23/09

TH:  Ethnic violence spreads in Thailand 07/24/09

TH: Soldier, insurgent killed in Thai south shootout 07/26/09

Special Operations

CN:  China, Russia satisfied with joint anti-terror military exercise 07/24/09

KR: SKorea, US inform NKorea of military drill 07/24/09

KS: COUNTER-TERRORISM: Bitter Pills In Kashmir 07/23/09

LK: Sri Lanka assures continued support to counter Global terrorism 07/23/09

PH: Rebel leader killed in pre-Sona operations 07/26/09

Security Forces

BD: Bangladesh acting tough against anti-India militants operating … 07/21/09

BD: Two arrested with powerful explosives in West Bengal 07/25/09

CN: Chinese web users voice concern over US-India defense pact 07/26/09

CN: Chinas military to launch official Web site 07/23/09

ID: Australian travellers warned as Bali steps up security 07/21/09

JP: US forces chief in Japan: realignment should proceed 07/23/09

KR: South Korean Military To Build Solar-Powered Unmanned Aircraft 07/25/09

KS: Militant killed in gunbattle near loC 07/26/09

NP: Police shoot dead rebel leader in central Nepal 07/22/09

NP: After Nepal Maoists, UN objects to Indian arms sale 07/24/09

RU: Chinese, Russian troops showcase anti-terror power in joint … 07/26/09

RU: Dummy rocket hits residential area in Russias Far East 07/24/09

RU: Russia, S. Korea plan military cooperation 07/22/09

TH: Police arrest 3 in drug sting op 07/24/09

TH: Thai force at Preah Vihear pagoda settles into a precarious routine 07/22/09

Foreign Affairs

BD: China-Bangladesh Relations and Potential for Regional Tensions 07/23/09

BD: Bangladesh Navy chief meets Admiral Sureesh Mehta 07/23/09

CN: China economy growing again while US limps 07/25/09

CN: No plans for Taiwan-China military meeting 07/21/09

FJ: Fijis military ruler says the prime minister he ousted would win … 07/25/09

GU: Guam sends clear mesage to US military over lands 07/24/09

ID: Business as usual will undermine extremists 07/21/09

JP: Japans posture raises concerns for Taiwan 07/22/09

JP: Japan Ruling Party Warns Voters Against Change 07/26/09

KH: Cambodia and France Sign Conventions on Further Military Cooperation 07/22/09

KP: US concerned about suspected N. Korea-Myanmar military ties 07/21/09\

LA: South East Asian Nations: Laos Praises North Korea 07/25/09

LK: Sweden to shut mission in Sri Lanka 07/24/09

TH: Russia – MFA – Talking points for the statement by Russian Foreign … 07/14/09


CN: Xinjiang officials pledge crackdown on violent crime… 07/24/09

IN: Mumbai Attackers Trial Will Proceed 07/23/09

KP: Activists: NKorean executed for distributing Bible 07/24/09

LA: Laos Troops Gang Rape Hmong Girl, Kill 5 Civilians 07/21/09

LK: President orders crack down on porn websites in Sri Lanka 07/25/09

PH: How traffickers sneak out victims 07/25/09

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