PACOM Week in Review Ending 19 July 2009


Hot Topics

CN:  China rising in Latin America, but wont overtake United States 07/19/09

CN:  Chinas police-state crackdown in Xinjiang creates international …07/16/09

ID:  The Al Qaeda Paradox 07/17/09

ID: Jakarta Hotel Bombs, The Military & The CIA 07/17/09

IN:  Scientists save India’s moon mission from failure 07/17/09

NZ:  NZ needs to play its part in stamping out terrorism – PM 07/18/09

PH:  Italian freed in Philippines returns home 07/18/09

TH:  Defining the crisis in Thailand 07/17/09


AU:  Australia security warning about renewed terrorism in Indonesia 07/17/09

ID:  Security Analysts say Jemaah Islamiyah in Indonesia Remains Dangerous 07/17/09

CN:  Xinjiang riot hits regional anti-terror nerve 07/17/09

TH:  Two soldiers killed, five injured in Yala car bombing 07/17/09

IN: Pakistan faces dilemma over nemesis India 07/18/09

MY: Killer and bomb maker a step ahead 07/18/09

TH:  A tale of two insurgents 07/18/09

Special Forces

RU:  China and Russia conduct joint military exercises 07/19/09

SG:  Singapore hones defences against new terror tactics 07/19/09

Security Forces

AU:  Australian PM reaffirms Afghan commitment 07/18/09

BD:  Reviewing injustices in the military 07/15/09

BD:  Top operative of Indias terror group arrested in Bangladesh 07/17/09

ID:  GMA orders security measures following Indonesia bombings 07/18/09

ID:  Indonesia says foreign countries linked to attacks 07/16/09

IN:  Defense Contractors Target Big Jump in Indias Military Spending 07/16/09

LK:  Sri Lankas army chief vows to re-focus military 07/15/09

MY:  Lebanon Ready To Buy Military Equipments From Malaysia 07/17/09

MY:  Urals Company Will Ship Su-30 Spares to Malaysia 07/16/09

PH:  Philippines alert after Indonesia bombs: police 07/17/09

Foreign Affairs

BD:  Foreign officers come calling at NDA 07/18/09

CN:  China investment in Myanmar soars 07/16/09

CN:  China’s Kurdish Policy 07/18/09

CN:  US Reaffirms Its Rights to Operate in South China Sea 07/15/09

FJ:  Fiji finds foreign friends? 07/17/09

JP:  Japan’s Opposition Would Push US to Renegotiate Troop Move 07/16/09

KP:  North Korea focus of Asian conference 07/17/09

KR:  Korean armies face off but repeat of war unlikely 07/15/09

KS:  Terrorism trumps Kashmir in India-Pakistan relationship, for now 07/17/09

LK:  LTTE overseas hardliners see KP as a failure 07/17/09

MM:  Burmese FM to Face Suu Kyi and North Korea Questions at ARF 07/18/09

MM:  Myanmar Opposition Cautiously Organizes as China Defends Junta 07/16/09

PH:  Peace talks with Philippine communists to resume 07/15/09

PH:  Philippines offers to boost cooperation with Indonesia against …07/17/09


ID:  No military role in Papua shootings: minister 07/15/09

LK:  Sri Lankan military cleared in deaths 07/15/09

NP:  Nepal, Lanka join hands to fight money laundering 07/18/09

PH:  Military exec tagged in Davao Sur drug trade 07/15/09

TP:  East Timor: Trials begin over 2008 Horta-Gusmao assassination …07/17/09

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