SOUTHCOM Week in Review Ending 28 July 2009


Hot Topics

BR: Latin Americas new amigo 07/27/09

CL: Chilean Human Rights Lawyer Denounces CIA and Pentagon in Honduras 07/25/09

CU: Cuba — How the workers and peasants made the revolution 07/25/09

CU: Fair Play for Cuba and the Cuban Revolution 07/24/09

EC: Ecuador signs oil deal with China 07/23/09

HN: Backgrounder: Timeline of political crisis in Honduras 07/28/09

HN: Honduran military appears to back plan to restore Zelaya to office … 07/26/09

HN: Peaceful Demonstrations against Military Coup Continue in Honduras 07/22/09

VE: Chavez Bashing 07/23/09

VE: Chavez warns against US military presence in Colombia 07/25/09


AA: Mexican Cartels Seek Safety and Friends by Moving South 07/26/09

CO: Rocket launchers sold to Venezuela went to FARC 07/27/09

CO: At Least 16 FARC Rebels Slain in Bombing and Ground Attacks 07/27/09

EC: Ecuador, Colombia and the FARC 07/23/09

HT: Haiti, Dominican Republic add troops on border 07/27/09

PE: Peru Balances Rights of Developers, Natives 07/27/09

VE: Venezuelas current crisis tumbling toward yet another terrible …07/25/09

Special Operations

CL: Indians Seize Properties in Southern Chile 07/28/09

CO: Colombia To Aid US In Taliban Fight 07/27/09

VE: Venezuela warning for yachts in the Caribbean 07/26/09

VE: VENEZUELA: ex-DISIP officers known to be training paramilitaries … 07/27/09

Security Forces

BO: Bolivia to Confiscate Fugitives Assets 07/26/09

CO: Colombian Air Force Bombs Kill 16 Rebels 07/26/09

CO: Colombian president appoints new defense minister 07/28/09

CO: US troops help keep Colombia safe from rebels, says Uribe 07/22/09

JM: Effectively managing the police force 07/22/09

PE: Abuses in Perus Escalating Fight Against Rebels 07/28/09

VE: Coast Guard team from Miami helps seize cocaine 07/22/09

VE: Venezuela to double number of tanks 07/24/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Uruguay, Chile, Argentina less insecure than the rest of the continent 07/24/09

AR: Elections in Argentina: A Return to the Right and a Blow for … 07/27/09

BR: Summit concludes with a step forward 07/26/09

PE: Garcias Decline in Peru 07/22/09

PE: Lieberman attacks Iran in Peru 07/28/09

PY: Energy Deal With Brazil Gives Boost to Paraguay 07/26/09

VE: FM Maduro denounces campaign against Venezuela 07/27/09

VE: Venezuelan Diplomats Defy Expulsion by Honduran Coup Regime 07/22/09


AA: Viewpoint: Drug war is the new Cold War 07/27/09

GT: 12 People Wounded in Grenade Attack in Guatemala 07/26/09

GY: GUYANA: Human rights groups in Guyana alleges 2 suspects in … 07/28/09

GY: The Guyanese people should be outraged 07/27/09

JM: New Child Pornography Bill Passed: Will it work? 07/28/09

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