AFRICOM Week in Review Ending 17 August 2009


Hot Topics

AA: Should the AU outsource security operations? 08/14/09

BI: Burundi urged to punish perpetrators of human rights violations … 08/14/09

BW: ‘Botswana economy is going down the drain’ 08/13/09

CD: DR Congo’s Bemba released before war crimes trial 08/14/09

ET: Ethiopia’s resilient prime minister The two sides of Meles Zenawi 08/13/09

GH: Ghana’s Vice President Says Focus on Security and Development 08/14/09

KE: The plight of ethnic Somalis 08/12/09

SO:  Somalia tells all visitors to seek government approval 08/14/09

SO: Commentary: Al-Qaida’s navy? 08/12/09

UG: Uganda’s military injustice system 08/12/09

ZA: SAs Zim arms shame 08/16/09

ZW: Zimbabwe: Poverty By Force, Dependency By Design 08/13/09


AA: Islamic Rebels Gain Strength in the Sahara 08/14/09

CF: CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: Humanitarian needs “overwhelming” 08/14/09

CG: Clear evidence of war crimes in Congo: EU 08/13/09

DZ: Algerian insurgents seeking out new targets 08/17/09

ER: Eritrea President escapes assassination attempt – Opposition Media 08/15/09

GM: Gambia:Direct Confrontation is the only way out of this mess!!! 08/15/09

NG: Nigeria Drifting Towards Imminent Failure, Says Soyinka 08/17/09

SO:  Another Day in Somalia, Fresh Fighting and Unlikely Victims 08/13/09

ZW: Zimbabwe heading for a Rwandan-style genocide? 08/16/09

Special Operations

AA:  Jihadis Search for Intelligence Penetration on Jihadi Website Forums 08/13/09

GH: HSV-2 Swift Completes Training With Sailors From Six West African … 08/12/09

MR: Mauritania to send 4000 troops to Sahara to hunt terrorists 08/15/09

Security Forces

AA: US Military Holds War Games on Nigeria, Somalia 08/15/09

CD: DRC Forces Capture Major Rwandan Genocide Suspect 08/13/09

CG: TNI Ready to Join UN Peacekeeping Mission in Congo 08/14/09

CM: Cameroon: South West – Police Boss to Revamp Rapid Intervention Units 08/14/09

DZ:  Algeria hosts regional summit amid rise in terrorism 08/14/09

LR:  FG Replaces Troops in Liberia 08/17/09

LR: Liberia: Police Chief Sounds Tough, Vows to Reclaim Crime-Infested … 08/12/09

MG: Madagascar armed forces snub peace deal clause 08/14/09

NG: Nigerian police raid Islamic sect, detain hundreds 08/16/09

ZA: South Africans go militant in war against crime (Feature) 08/12/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: UN has the potential to overcome challenges 08/17/09

AA: African liberation struggle continues 08/14/09

AO: Angola takes up military inspectors’ working group presidency 08/13/09

ET: Ethiopia’s Economic Fallacy, Nominal Growth and Real Poverty – G7 08/14/09

LY: Libyan ambassador, Ibrahim Al-Dabashi, Criticizes Ban Ki Moon for … 08/14/09

LY: US senators discuss military equipment for Libya 08/14/09

MG: Rio Tinto says Madagascar power-sharing is positive 08/12/09

NG: Nigerian leader writes to president Dos Santos 08/14/09


AA: Liberia: RUF Salute Report Made No Mention Of Help Received From … 08/14/09

AA: Rape: It’s a war crime 08/13/09

BW: Francistown residents hit by increasing cross border crime 08/16/09

CG: Congo’s rape epidemic worsens 08/16/09

ET: Ethiopia: Six senior army officers sentenced 10 to 23 yrs 08/15/09

GN: Ghana envoy kidnapped in Guinea 08/13/09

KE: Scottish gem dealer Campbell Bridges slain in Kenya 08/13/09

SO:  Five Pakistani preachers killed in Somalia 08/12/09

ZA: Crime and violent protests harm business confidence in SA 08/14/09

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