AFRICOM Week in Review Ending 24 August 2009


Hot Topics

AA: AFRICOM: Western Self-Serving Interests or African Security? 08/21/09

AA: Islamists, US policy and Arab democracy 08/21/09

AA: Trans-Sahara gas pipeline will be risky 08/21/09

CD: DRC: There is indescribable fear in everyones eyes 08/21/09

DZ: China warns its citizens in Algeria 08/19/09

ER: UN report on Eritrea's aid to insurgents in Somalia 08/22/09

GH: Ghana: AGA Denies Burying Illegal Miners 08/21/09

LR: LIBERIA: “UK Orchestrated Liberia's Invasion, US Must Be Blamed … 08/23/09

NG: Only military, not amnesty can end militancy – Sagir Mohammed 08/23/09

SD: The ‘genocide' in Darfur isn't what it seems 08/19/09

SO: Warlords at sea 08/21/09

ZW: Grace Mugabe selling diamonds in China 08/19/09


AA: A Map Of Conflict 08/22/09

CG: Congo's Militias Lure Former Rebels From Burundi 08/20/09

DZ: Algeria: price soaring in Ramadan 08/21/09

DZ: Setback for Algerian insurgents 08/21/09

MR: Al-Qaeda, a “metastasis” on the Mauritanian body 08/19/09

NG: Nigeria: Boko Haram Threat is a Lapse in Our Security System, Says … 08/21/09

NG: Bayelsa Militants Surrender 520 Guns, 96000 Ammunition, 14 Gunboats 08/22/09

SD: ANALYSIS:South Sudan's deadly ethnic violence: failure to protect … 08/21/09

SO: More Than 20 Killed in Fighting in Somali Capital 08/21/09

SO: Somalia: Islamist insurgents disregarding Islamic teachings? 08/24/09

SO: Somalia: Islamists Say Forces Captured Parts of Gedo Region Are … 08/20/09

Special Operations

AA: PEACEKEEPING: Sending American Troops To Africa 08/19/09

UG: First paratroopers in 30 years graduate 08/24/09

ZA: Multinational wargames in SA 08/19/09

Security Forces

AA: Saharan neighbours join forces against Al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb 08/19/09

CD: MONUC press conference of 19 August 2009

CD: UN force in DRCongo to be reinforced by 3000 08/19/09

CM: Government Recruits Thousands within Cameroon's Ministry of Defence 08/20/09

ET: Ethiopian Official Says Somali Militias Use Ethiopia to Attack Rebels 08/20/09

GH: Government equips military 08/19/09

NG: Nigeria Police get United Nations accolades 08/24/09

NG: Six Killed, 15 Injured In Police, JTF Clash – Daily Independent 08/19/09

RW: Rwanda: Kenyans to Train Forces on Disaster Management 08/19/09

SD: Khartoum armament campaign is lethal to regional security 08/22/09

TZ: Pemba voters registration exercise 08/19/09

ZW:  Ten arrested MPs released 08/22/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Military chiefs in East Africa meet 08/20/09

AO: Angola charmed by poignant Zuma 08/22/09

ER: Eritrea accuses Somalia Govt for “atrocities committed against the … 08/22/09

GM: Gambian military contingent for Libya's anniversary celebration 08/22/09

LY: Confusion as old and new Libya collide 08/21/09

LY: Gaddafi is a clown, but no one is laughing 08/21/09

MG: TIMELINE: Madagascar feuding leaders still talking 08/23/09

SD: Abbas's Sudan trip is ethical 08/19/09


CG: With Its Record of Rape, Don't Send the US Military to the Congo 08/21/09

ET: Six Ethiopia army officers get 10 to 23 years in prision 08/21/09

SO: Six civilians killed in Somali capital 08/23/09

TZ: Violent crime comes to Dar 08/23/09

UG: Can Otunnu lift the opposition? 08/21/09

UG: Uganda: Slaves for ‘Hire' 08/19/09

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