EUCOM Week in Review Ending 12 August 2009


Hot Topics

AA: Full text of draft legal complaint in Eyal Katorza case 08/10/09

BA: Forensic experts risk lives for Bosnia justice 08/09/09

BG: SANS Agents to Examine Public Procurements in Ministry of Defence 08/07/09

CH:  Swiss in fresh push for UBS tax settlement with US 08/12/09

IL: Israel asks Syria for info on missing IDF soldier 08/12/09

KV: Kosovo breaks from Serbia 08/09/09

MK: Macedonian Struggle for Independence 08/10/09

RU: NATO, Russia To Intensify Military Cooperation In Afghanistan 08/11/09

RU: Russia says satellite plan is defense system test 08/09/09

UA: Eight Reasons to Become Ukrainian 08/10/09


AA: Base plan sparks Russia-Uzbekistan confrontation 08/09/09

AA: Dispute over Kosovo heats up 08/09/09

AM: Armenia: State of emergency Demonstrators tear gassed while … 08/10/09

BA: Bosnia on the brink of ethnic conflict, warns Hague 08/12/09

BA: Tearing Bosnia apart one decision at a time 08/10/09

FR: Second night of unrest near Paris 08/11/09

RU: Killings Fuel Worries of Chechen Instability 08/12/09

Special Operations

AA: US, Israel, Turkey to stage military exercises in Mediterranean 08/11/09

BG: Chattanooga National Guard Units Training with Romanian, Bulgarian …08/11/09

IL: Netanyahu phones Mubarak, thanks him for foiling a plot to … 08/10/09

UK: Strategy to tackle extremists to focus on white racists 08/09/09

Security Forces

ES: Basque Terrorist Deported To Spain 08/08/09

ES: Police seize 250 kilograms of cocaine as yacht intercepted in high … 08/10/09

ES: Spain Defence and Security Report Q3 2009 – new market report just … 08/09/09

IL: Israel bases penetrated during security check 08/10/09

RS: Police arrest 8 members of crime group 08/07/09

RU: Bill To Allow Russia’s Military Intervention Abroad 08/10/09

RU: Medvedev “Sanctifies” the Russian Army 08/11/09

RU: Russia Developing New Missiles to Counter US System 08/11/09

RU: Russian Armed Forces get new chief of combat training 08/10/09

RU: Russia beefs up Abkhazia defence 08/12/09

UK: Scottish crime agency seizes record amount of Class A drugs 08/10/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Why We Need Germany 08/09/09

AM: Are Armenia’s Policies Making Turkey Stronger? 08/07/09

GR: PPPs’ Hellenic hub 08/11/09

IL: Fatah congress delivers little change to Israeli-Palestinian peace … 08/11/09

IL: Netanyahu downplays tension between Israel and Lebanon 08/12/09

IL: Israel refutes claims of Gaza misconduct 08/10/09

KV: Kosovo hands over remains of Serb war crime victims 08/07/09

MD: Republic of Moldova: Pro European Union forces win parliamentary … 08/07/09

RS: Serbia must recognize Kosovo as independent country. 08/09/09

TR: Turkey, Bosnia-Herzegovina ink arms production deal 08/10/09

UA: Yanukovych is Strongest Candidate in Ukraine 08/12/09


AL: 238 police officers killed in Albania over past 19 years 08/10/09

DE: Sauerland cell planned bomb attacks on German airports 08/12/09

TR: Assassinations were crucial for Ergenekon mission, document shows 08/07/09

UK: Child abductions rise in Britain 08/09/09

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