EUCOM Week in Review Ending 19 August 2009


Hot Topics

AA: BALKANS: Back to Arms, if not War 08/18/09

AA: Expert: Russian military base in Armenia potentially dangerous 08/17/09

AA: Gwynne Dyer: Basque terrorism offers lessons to the world 08/18/09

CY: Government striving for viable and functional solution to Cyprus … 08/17/09

DE: German firms fear losing lucrative Iranian market 08/19/09

DE: Germany—Military Empowerment by Stealth 08/16/09

HR: Croatia's Mesic wants more secular state 08/16/09

NL: Dutch university fires Islamic scholar Ramadan 08/18/09

RU: Russian General explains submarines on the US coast 08/19/09

RU: Peres: Russia to reconsider missile sale to Iran 08/19/09

TR: Ankara Denies Turkey Route for Russian Base in Gumri 08/17/09


AA: Jihad Magazine Warns of Terror Attacks in Europe 08/15/09

AM: Armenian military keep violating ceasefire 08/15/09

GE: Expert: Georgia to vanish from world map 08/18/09

RU:  Suicide Bomber Rams Truck Into Police Station in Russia, Killing 20 08/17/09

TR: Four soldiers killed in blast in eastern Turkey 08/17/09

Special Operations

AA: Turkey begins military drills 08/18/09

AA: New unit, new way of doing international business 08/18/09

BY: Next month's Belarusian-Russian military exercise to involve some … 08/14/09

EE: 200 Estonian service members to participate in foreign missions in … 08/17/09

Security Forces

AA: Russia, Ukraine negotiate ban on weapons supply to Georgia 08/18/09

AM: Armenia to get opportunity to establish military stations in Russia 08/18/09

BG: Bulgaria Customs Agency Head Vows to Root out Corruption 08/17/09

CZ: Czech army in disastrous state 08/14/09

CZ: Czech police may arrest extremist leaders over Vitkov arson-Pape 08/17/09

DE: Germany to build military barrack, municipality building in N. Afghan … 08/15/09

IL:  Israeli soldiers shoot Egyptian policeman along border 08/17/09

RS: Serbia wants to guard Macedonia's sky? 08/18/09

RU: Problems beset Russia army reform 08/17/09

RU: Two Russian military jets collide 08/16/09

UA: Experts doubt Russian military aggression against Ukraine 08/18/09

UK: Albanian ‘gangster' seized by Met over attempted murders 08/17/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Chavez to visit Russia, Belarus, Libya in September 08/15/09

AL: Albania approves visa liberalisation action plan 08/14/09

BG: Bulgaria Deputy PM Tsvetanov: GERB Is United around Borisov 08/17/09

GE: Georgia quits ex-Soviet group as Moscow allies rebel 08/18/09

IL: Israel says UN covering up Iran's nuclear arms drive 08/19/09

IL: Peres, Medvedev talk about strengthening ties 08/18/09

RU: Russia: 2 Czech Diplomats Are Expelled 08/14/09

SE: Sweden condemns “brutal” bombing in Russia 08/17/09

TR: Turks Growing More Confident over Turkey's International Role 08/17/09


AA: Vukcevic: Arrests of Serbs aimed at belittling investigation 08/15/09

AL: Albanian police union demands Nishani resign 08/16/09


BG: Bulgaria Drug Boss Set for Second Prosecution Deal 08/17/09

BG: Prosecutors charge Bulgarian tycoon with tax evasion 08/18/09

CY: Cypriot held in gangland hit ‘ordered from jail' 08/18/09

GE: Georgian cyber attackers only civilians, report says 08/18/09

GR: Crime rate rising in Greece 08/14/09

IL: Israel crime wave sparks sharp rise in requests for gun permits 08/17/09

IT: Berlusconi pledges final blow to organized crime 08/15/09

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