EUCOM Week in Review Ending 26 August 2009


Hot Topics

AA: Militarization of scientific research could spawn deadlier weapons 08/24/09

AA: The truth is adrift with the Arctic Sea [Russian Bio-Chem to Iran] 08/25/09

DE: Anti-German Jihadist videos flood internet 08/21/09

GR: Embassy speaks out after disputed website comment 08/21/09

IL: Boycotts only harden Israeli opinion 08/24/09

IL: Israel: A Stalemated Action of History 08/24/09

RU: Group’s Claim Of Russian Power Plant Attack Dismissed 08/21/09

RU: Russia says it wants Karabakh settlement; mulls use of military … 08/21/09


IL: demo outside Israeli military prison calling for release of … 08/25/09

IL: Israeli occupation forces attack peace activists in Ni’lin, Bil’in … 08/22/09

IL: Palestine-Israel, Efforts of the secret services to suppression of … 08/25/09

IL: Peres: Hezbollah ‘Has 80000 Rockets’ 08/24/09

IL:  Shots exchanged over Gaza border 08/24/09

RU: Police die in Grozny explosions 08/21/09

RU: Russia’s North Caucasus – The season for killing 08/25/09

Special Operations

BA: Operation “Joint Endeavour” 08/24/09

BG: Bulgaria’s 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment arrives at Novo Selo for … 08/25/09

BY: Military exercises of CSTO CRRF to be held in Belarus 08/24/09

RU: More Russian Troops Headed to Ingushetia 08/21/09

RU: Russia has decided to place greater operational emphasis on Special Forces..08/23/09

Security Forces

AA: Iranian forces kill 26 members of PKK-linked group 08/24/09

BG: Bulgarian defence forces working to improve compliance 08/23/09

GE: Georgian official backs off troop training comment 08/21/09

GR: Two major procurement projects for the Greek armed forces are underway 08/23/09

IL: FM: Cadets’ course demands essence of democracy 08/24/09

IL:  Three killed in Israeli raid on Gaza tunnel: medics 08/25/09

NL: Dutch army adds 14 Bushmasters 08/24/09

RU: RUSSIA: Air Force Admits Failure To Perform 08/23/09

UA: Ukraine – President meets law enforcement authorities’ heads 08/25/09

Foreign Affairs


AA: Russian-Turkish message to EU 08/25/09

BY: Does Belarus really want to disengage from Russia’s embrace? 08/24/09

IL: Israel and Iran, force or diplomacy? 08/21/09

IL:  Netanyahu close to deal with Hamas to free Shalit 08/25/09

RS: Serbia seeks to regain role in Non-Aligned Movement 08/25/09

TR: Turkey’s military stresses state unity in gov’t Kurdish plan 08/25/09


AM: Head of Armenian Police: Level of crime increased in Armenia by 71% 08/21/09

IL: PM on crime surge: Tougher punishment needed 08/23/09

RU: Chechen Separatists Order Zakayev’s Death 08/26/09

RU: Global Insights: Russia Refines Cyber Warfare Strategies 08/25/09

RU: Russia: Investigate Dagestan Arson Attack 08/25/09

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