Journal: One Good Idea, One Bad National Policy Process

05 Energy

greater democracyWith a tip of the hat to Jock Gill, former Communications specialist for President Bill Clinton, we point to a short ably illustrated post entitled

A Path Towards Carbon Negative Heating

The problem we have with the current Administration, as with all Administrations in the past 50 years, is that it is not very intelligent.  It lacks a strategic analytic model, it lacks a process for integrating all information in all languages all the time, it even lacks a process for ensuring that all Cabinet decisions, budgets, and actions are coherent.  The Office of Management and Budget (OMB), one of the more positive elements of the federal government, gave up “Management” in the 1970's and has never gotten back to it.  OMB crunches numbers and fabricates future revenues, nothing more.  What it SHOULD be doing is helping the White House create a prosperous nation at peace where every citizen and every visitor can expect clarity, diversity, integrity, and sustainability.

Geothermal is the obvious answer for fixed heating needed, and that in turn requires the restoration of neighborhoods, changes in mass transit, the distribution of work centers to avoid urban warming and poisoning the poor with carbon fumes, and many others things that can only be understood, integrated, funded, and implemented in the context of a “Smart Nation,” something we have been talking and writing about since 1994–fifteen years ago.  Before we came of age, many others were talking about Peak Oil, water as a vanishing resource, toxic waste, etcetera.    The federal government is no longer in the business of managing America Of, By, and For We the People.  We eithe4r need to fix that (our preferred options, and not hard to do if leadership can be found with spine), or abolish the federal government and start over–something the Founding Fathers explicitly provided for with the retained State powers of nullification and secession.

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