PACOM Week in Review Ending 16 August 2009


Hot Topics

AU: Australian troops kill Afghan officer 08/12/09

AU: Commentary: Australian editors anti-China rant violates press ethics 08/14/09

AU: Investors cheer Chinese takeover of Felix 08/14/09

BD: Bangladesh mourns founding leader amid security 08/15/09

BD: Bangladesh moves to bring home coup fugitives 08/12/09

CN: Can China save the world economy? 08/14/09

CN: China: Filtering software will not be required 08/13/09

KH: Cambodian farmers demand stop to land grabs, evictions (News Feature) 08/13/09

LK: Catholic leaders urge Sri Lankan Tamils' release 08/15/09

TW: 4000 more Taiwan troops to aid in typhoon rescue 08/13/09


BT: NE UGs set up base in Bhutan, again 08/11/09

CN: Beijing can't afford instability in region 08/12/09

ID: AFP, MILF exchange charges of cease-fire violation 08/14/09

ID: specialreport: Seeds of terror nurtured as teaching of hate … 08/14/09

ID: Stop linking military with Freeport attacks: Commander 08/13/09

KP: NKorea threatens retaliation over US, UN sanctions 08/16/09

KP: Scud missile test-fired by N-Korea, Iran and Syria fails badly 08/15/09

KS: Clashes Reported in Kashmir as India Prepares for Independence Day 08/14/09

MM: Burma's Arms-Selling Friends 08/13/09

NP: Nepal Maoists' protest could derail peace process: UNMIN 08/15/09

NP: Nepal police detain Tibetan exiles 08/14/09

PH: MILF rebels ambushed Marines 08/14/09

PH: Philippines clashes leave 43 dead 08/12/09

Special Operations

CN: China's military launches long-range war games 08/11/09

ID: Indonesia Coordinating Authorities To Counter Terror Threats … 08/11/09

KH: Cambodia sends soldiers to join multinational training exercise in … 08/15/09

LK: Sri Lanka kidnaps LTTE leader 08/15/09

LK: Sri Lanka's spies in war to crush rebel remnants 08/12/09

Security Forces

AU: Lockheed Martin tests Aegis for Australia air war fleet 08/14/09

AU: New chief pledges to take AFP high-tech 08/14/09

CN: China Collars 100 Crooks in Chongqing 08/14/09

CN: China promotes Xinjiang armed police chief: report 08/13/09

CN: Peoples Army not standing still 08/11/09

FJ: 100 soldiers apply as UN bodyguards 08/11/09

ID: Indonesian police, military propose tougher laws against terrorism 08/14/09

IN: India wary as China conducts biggest “long-range” war games 08/11/09

LK: Sri Lanka Air Force has expanded 08/15/09

RU: Russian military exercises off Canada coast cause tension 08/15/09

Foreign Affairs

AU: Australian government tightens grip over Pacific Islands Forum 08/13/09

BD: Envoy Says US Stands Ready To Assist Bangladesh 08/11/09

FJ: Fijian democracy needs cosmetic surgery 08/13/09

IN: US-India Civilian Nuclear Agreement: Implications of Circumventing … 08/13/09

JP: Japan opposition: no big military spending hike 08/11/09

LK: Geo-political reality and Sri Lankan foreign policy 08/11/09

MM: US senator visits Myanmar for talks 08/14/09

RU:  Putin, Erdogan seal ‘grand bargain' 08/13/09

TH: Thailand sounds out ASEAN on Suu Kyi pardon 08/14/09


AU: Australian police charge banking Trojan suspect 08/13/09

BD: Bangladeshi Hindu Abducted, Forced to Convert to Islam 08/11/09

BD: Bangladesh: Where Corruption Flows 08/14/09

LA: Laos: 8 Lao Hmong Children Captured By LPDR, 26 Killed As Senator … 08/12/09

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