PACOM Week in Review Ending 2 August 2009


Hot Topics

BD: Bangladeshi military not above the law 07/30/09

BT: Royal Address at the Concluding Ceremony of the 3rd Session of … 07/30/09

FJ: Police fork out for 300 pastors 07/27/09

HK: Pulp non-fiction hits Hong Kong 07/27/09

ID: New light on birth of Indonesian Navy 08/02/09

ID: Noordin look-alike reported to police office in Mataram 07/31/09

IN: Indias pockets of prosperity? 07/31/09

JP: DPJ should clarify position on refueling mission in Indian Ocean … 07/31/09

KR: Special Pardons Planned for 1.5 Mil. People 07/27/09

LK: 500000 pilgrims expected to visit Madhu Marian shrine 07/28/09

LK: Sri Lanka Air Force on a special mission 07/30/09

MM: Myanmar building nuke reactor, says media report 08/01/09

MY: Malaysias volunteer corps not to be held responsible for actions when 07/31/09

PH: Philippine rebels enter UN action plan to keep children off armed …07/31/09


CN: Troops Swarm Urumqi; China Vows Executions for Rioters Behind Killings 07/27/09

KS: Militants kill CRPF trooper, policeman in Srinagar 08/01/09

ID: Reactions to terrorism 07/30/09

IN: CPI-Maoist to step up war to capture power in India 07/27/09

LA: Laotian, Hmong Civilians Trapped in Laos by Military 08/01/09

NP: UN concerned at Nepals stalled peace process 07/31/09

Special Operations

AU: 505th CCW supports US, Australian TALISMAN SABER 09 exercise 07/28/09

IN: Court drops anti-terror provisions against all Malegaon accused 07/31/09

KS: Special armed forces act to be more humane, says official 07/28/09

LK: Sri Lanka – Huge stocks of hidden LTTE weapons found 07/30/09

MY: Malaysia to deploy dubious task force in crime fight 07/30/09

MY: Rising Cyber Security-Related Cases Reported Due To Awareness 07/29/09

NZ: A case for No, thanks 07/28/09

NZ: war crimes row 08/01/09

TH: Thai military campaign targets refugees 07/30/09

Security Forces

AA: RI, Thailand agree to step up military cooperation 08/01/09

AU: Five arrests after major drug bust in Melbourne 07/30/09

AU: Australia PM unaware of Iraq troops return 07/31/09

BD: Bangla arms dealer arrested in Malda 07/31/09

CN: Chinas military machine launches website 07/31/09

CN: Shot Down — China Intercepts North Korea Bound Vanadium Shipment 07/29/09

IN: INDIA: With Nuke Submarine Launch, India Displays its Growing …07/31/09

IN: Proposal to form Tiger Police Force 08/01/09

KR: S. Korea pushes to upgrade military communication: official 07/29/09

KR: US to deploy F-15Es in S. Korea to bolster defense 08/02/09

LK: IDP rehab process in place 08/01/09

NP: Nepal government floats special security policy 07/29/09

NZ: Increased threat to NZ troops in Afghanistan 07/28/09

RU: Russia fears embrace of giant eastern neighbour 08/01/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: NATOs Strategery 07/29/09

BD: Country needs committed leadership: PM 08/01/09

CN: China dips its toe in the Black Sea 07/31/09

CN: China mourns death of former Philippine president 08/01/09

CN: Rule of Law Should Be US Priority in Talks with China 07/29/09

IN: India encircled by Chinas string of pearls? 07/28/09

KP: North Korea sees an opening 07/28/09

KS: Blame it on India if ISI is meddling in Kashmir 07/31/09

KS: Jamaat-e-Islami opposes fresh dialogue with India 07/31/09

LK: Sri Lanka invites Bahrain to establish refinery 07/29/09

PH: Government, MILF agree to resume talks 07/30/09

TH: Thailands political uncertainty may prolong economic slump 07/31/09


HK: Crime stable despite slight rise: Police 07/29/09

ID: Employees suspected in Papua mine killings 07/29/09

IN: Beached ship used as transit point for drugs: Goa opposition 07/27/09

IN: Cyber crimes rampant 07/30/09

JP: US sailor sentenced to life for killing in Japan 07/30/09

KP: North Korea Defector Recounts Chemical Weapons Testing on Disabled … 07/31/09

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