PACOM Week in Review Ending 30 August 2009


Hot Topics


AA: UAE captures ship carrying North Korean weapons to Iran 08/28/09

AU: Australia’s military justice system in turmoil after High Court ruling 08/26/09

BT: Bhutan denies Assam rebel camps on soil 08/24/09

ID:  Indonesia seeks second man over bomb funds: police 08/25/09

IN: India scrambles fighter to intercept Air France plane 08/27/09

PH: Basilan officials vow support for military vs lawless elements 08/25/09

TW: Taiwan president seeks to save reputation after storm 08/27/09


AA: China Urges Burma to Bridle Ethnic Militia Uprising at Border 08/29/09

BD: Bloody terror of Bangladesh mutiny 08/26/09

ID: Terrorism is here to stay 08/26/09

LK: Sri Lanka – LTTE cadres infiltrate Northern IDP ranks – Minister 08/28/09

LK: Sri Lanka’s “disappearances” still unsolved 08/28/09

MM: Myanmar Troops Gain on Karen Rebels 08/25/09

NP: Nepal’s Political Impasse 08/27/09

TH:  42 hurt in car bomb attack 08/26/09

TH: ANALYSIS-Thaksin’s rallies signal trouble for Thai rulers 08/27/09

Special Operations

AA: Bhutan, India plan 2003-like ops against NE rebel groups 08/27/09

AA: US, India to hold joint war games in October 08/27/09

CN: Stop the Military Surveillance, China Tells US 08/28/09

ID: Police Dogs Take a Bite Out of Crime in Indonesia 08/27/09

ID: The TNI-Police ‘alliance’ against terror 08/27/09

JP: Japan to extend peacekeeping mission in Nepal by 6 months 08/24/09

LK: Foreign forces look to Sri Lanka for plan 08/27/09

Security Forces

AU: A reprieve for organised crime 08/28/09

CN: China strengthens internal security force 08/25/09

ID: Civilians Should Take the Lead In Counterterrorism, ICG Says 08/27/09

ID:  Indonesia: Police arrest suspect linked to bomb attacks 08/26/09

IN: Indian armed forces confident about nuclear arsenal 08/27/09

JP: Japan’s forces in military drill 08/27/09

LK: Security forces make-way for speedy resettlement as clearing …08/27/09

MM: Azizan is new Forces Chief 08/29/09

PH: Philippines arrests top militant known for bomb plots 08/25/09

PH: US denies troops involved in combat in Philippines 08/27/09

RU:  Russia deploys missiles along border with North Korea 08/29/09

Foreign Affairs

CN: Hu calls for reform in China’s Uyghur region 08/25/09

JP: Japan’s election will force change in Washington 08/29/09

KH: Cambodia pulls back troops from disputed temple 08/27/09

KS: Kashmir CM assures AFSPA would be revoked 08/27/09

TP: A tough job done in East Timor 08/28/09

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