PACOM Week in Review Ending 9 August 2009


Hot Topics

AU: Outlawing al-Shabaab not the answer 08/06/09


BT: Bharti says to expand cable network to Bhutan 08/04/09

CN: China Investigates Top Nuclear Official 08/06/09

CN: China to surpass US in manufacturing by 2015 on road to Empire 08/04/09

CN: Chinese teen dies at Internet addiction rehab camp 08/06/09

CN: Rand Corporation military think-tank warns of Chinese air attack … 08/07/09

ID: Noordin Mohammed Top: elusive terror mastermind 08/08/09

IN: Human Rights Watch Labels Indian Police Anachronistic, Abusive Force 08/04/09

LK: Sri Lankan policy to exterminate criminals 08/07/09

LK: Tamil Tiger leader arrest could be key blow 08/07/09

MY: Its all in the name 08/09/09

NP: Nepal to seek non-lethal military supplies from India 08/08/09

NZ: Drug culture among NZ troops overseas 08/09/09

RU: Russian Subs Seen Off U.S. East Coast 08/05/09

SG: New tech in action at Singapore parade 08/07/09

TH: Buddhists Fear to Walk in Southern Thailand 08/07/09


AU: Terror cell sent money to extremists 08/06/09

BD: BANGLADESH: The modern face of slavery 08/07/09

CN: Xinjiang Crackdown and Changing Perceptions of China in the … 08/05/09

IN: India says kills 6 on Kashmir border,incursions rise 08/08/09

KH: Cambodias Shanty Evictions Roll On 08/05/09

KP: A Possible North Korea – Myanmar alliance? 08/07/09

NP: Millions in Nepal face food shortages: UN 08/07/09

NP: Stringent action against Nepal Maoists: Ishwor Pokharel 08/09/09

PH: Military, Moro rebels cry truce violation 08/07/09

TH: State officials shot dead in troubled Thai south 08/05/09

Special Operations

ID: Noordin Mohammed Top dead, major attack averted 08/08/09

ID: Noordin Top shot dead 08/07/09

IN: 2 Hizbul men held, were plotting attacks in Capital 08/07/09

KR: S. Korean Marines to take part in US-led peacekeeping drill in … 08/06/09

KR: S. Korea Conducts Military Drill 08/06/09

PH: Elite squad guns down Bali bomb mastermind 08/09/09

Security Forces

AU: Terror threat remains after Melbourne arrests on suicide plot 08/03/09

KS: Eight killed in IHK clashes 08/06/09

LK: New Tamil Tiger leader Selvaras Pathmanathan arrested 08/07/09

IN: Indian army kills 3 militants along Kashmir border 08/08/09

ID: Presidents house was bomb target – police 08/08/09

AU: Australian Police Thwart Suicide Attack on Sydney Army Barracks 08/04/09

IN: Six Bangladeshi nationals held in Saharanpur 08/08/09

CN: China Army Called On To Keep Order On Anniversary 08/06/09

RU: Russia Military Force Changes to Add Border Strength, US Says 08/06/09

FJ: Fiji police confirm Raivoce arrest 08/05/09

ID: TNI adds more officers to protect Yudhoyono 08/09/09

VN: Vietnam, Indonesia jointly combat trans-national crime 08/06/09

IN: At Sea against Terror 08/06/09

JP: Japans military not as strong as that of India, China 08/04/09

JP: Japan considers new North Korea missile defence 08/05/09

KH: Cambodia, Thailand to conduct joint border patrols 08/04/09

LK: Sri Lankan military delegation visits NDA 08/06/09

MY: MCPF to help reduce street crime 08/04/09

NP: Nepal Army undergoes revolution 08/08/09

RU: The Military Prosecutors Office of the Russian Navy Go to Bat for … 08/06/09

TH: A bid to buy Thai Muslim hearts and minds 08/04/09

TH: China Money Scam: 40 Arrests in Phuket Crime Bust 08/07/09

Foreign Affairs

AU: Australia respects Chinas territorial integrity, sovereignty: FM 08/07/09

CN: China talks scheduled for December 08/07/09

CN: India, China Meet: Agree to Keep on Disagreeing 08/08/09

FJ: Fiji PM challenges former PIF chair 08/06/09

JP: Japan Opposition Says It's Ready To Stand Up To US 08/08/09

MM: Myanmar cooperating with intl community in combating human … 08/06/09


ID: Facing the death penalty: 23-year-old drug smuggler Scott Rush … 08/09/09

KR: South Korea Will Monitor Child Kidnappers With Electronic Tracking … 08/06/09

KS: Crime free Kargil is the exception in strife stricken JK 08/07/09

MM: Myanmar calls for taking prevention against crime 08/04/09

SG: Crime spike in 2 areas 08/05/09

TH: Heroin courier jailed in Thailand 08/05/09

TH: Warnings issued about alleged Bangkok airport scam 08/07/09

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