SOUTHCOM Week in Review Ending 11 August 2009


Hot Topics

AA: Ros-Lehtinen on Fight Against Tyranny in Latin America 08/09/09

AR: Exit polls: First lady wins in Argentina 08/10/09

BR: Brazil seeks guarantees for restriction of US military activities … 08/07/09

BR: Brazils new diplomacy 08/07/09

CO: Colombia President, on South America Tour, Defends US Military Role 08/07/09

CU: Cuba: USAID making ever-higher investments in subversion 08/06/09

EC:  Ecuadorian president Correa sworn in second term 08/10/09

HN: Honduras: The Frontline in the Battle for Democracy 08/10/09

VE: Chavez Tells Military to Brace for Combat 08/09/09

VE: Put Venezuela on the Terror List 08/06/09


CO: Don’t Make Colombia Another Afghanistan 08/10/09

CO: FARC Guerrillas Kill 2 Police Officers in Southern Colombia 08/11/09

CO: Three Colombian soldiers killed in attack 08/07/09

HN: The farcs Honduran Friends 08/10/09

PE: Minister: Shining Path Remains a Threat in Perus Jungles 08/06/09

VE: Chavez: US, Colombia ‘threaten war’ 08/10/09

Special Operations

CU: SIMMONS: Cuban spies exploit ‘Sister City’ program 08/08/09

CU: US Agencies Keep Trying to Destabilize Cuba 08/09/09

VE: Venezuelan National Guard to Assist in Crime Prevention 08/07/09

Security Forces

BR: Brazilian police arrest 11 alleged racketeers 08/11/09

BR: Pentagon seeks OK for potential Brazil sale 08/07/09

BZ: BDF Youth Cadets Training in Belmopan 08/06/09

CO: 11 ELN Rebels Desert in Colombia 08/09/09

EC: Ecuadorian Army detains 2 alleged FARC members 08/07/09

PE: Suspected Guerrilla Leader Captured in Peru 08/11/09

Foreign Affairs

AA:  Latin America in Israels crosshairs 08/09/09

AA: Alarm at US-Colombia troops plan 08/10/09

BR: Medvedevs Big Brazilian Plans 08/09/09

CU: Castro slams disloyal Colombia 08/10/09

EC: Unasur agrees to summit on US bases in Colombia 08/10/09

HN: US cools its support for reinstating Honduras Manuel Zelaya 08/06/09

UY: Uruguay: Ex-dictators son says quit Mercosur 08/06/09

VE: IRAN-VENEZUELA: Alliance Problematic for the US, But Not Threatening 08/10/09

VE: Venezuela suspends Colombian car imports, buys from Argentina 08/10/09


AA: Crime and Security in Central America 08/06/09

BR: Prostitution: This Brazilian Madam Won’t Take Any Girl Over 15 08/06/09

GT: Guatemalan police investigated for cocaine theft 08/11/09

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