AFRICOM: Week in Review Ending 28 September 2009


Hot Topics

AA: Support Urged for Fragile States in Sub-Saharan Africa 09/22/09

AO: Angolan Riches Lure New Wave of Workers 09/28/09

CF: CAR: Malnutrition hits towns as world crisis cuts diamond demand … 09/24/009

DZ: Violent clash between Harraga from Tiaret and smugglers 09/28/09

KE: Kenya Government's tough new rules for media 09/27/09

KE: Somali refugees still pouring into Kenya, UN says 09/25/09

LR: Liberia: Public Works confirms receipt of GAC letter, but 09/24/09

NG: Nigeria: Nafdac Losing War Against Fake Drugs – Pharmacists 09/27/09

SD: Sudan's Darfur governor denies continuation of battles between … 09/24/09

UG: Uganda: Police Named Most Brutal Institution 09/28/09

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


CD: Ugandan rebels ‘still a threat' in DR Congo: UN 09/24/09

CF: LRA rebels kill two aid workers: military source 09/25/09

DJ: Djibouti Facing Local Insurgency and Threats from Somali Islamists 09/25/09

DZ: ALGERIA: To Try And Kill Another Day 09/22/09

DZ: Boumerdes: Two terrorists wounded in a clash in Ghazeroual 09/26/09

KE: Soldiers everywhere, but thugs strike at will 09/26/09

NG: Niger Delta violence will resume soon, says Henry Okah 09/28/09

SD: More Than 100 Killed in Southern Sudan Tribal Clash 09/22/09

SD: SUDAN: The War In The South Is Revived 09/28/09

SO: 17 Killed in New Violence in Somalia 09/22/09

SO: Somalia Fighting Kills 8, Witnesses Say 09/28/09

Special Operations

CG: 140 members of Bangladesh police force leave Dhaka for Congo peace … 09/24/09

SO: Somali Pirates Pushed off Ship, But Kill Captain 09/26/09

SO: Turkish commandos capture 7 pirates in a skiff off Somalia 09/26/09

UG: Uganda People News: EAC soldiers end military training course in … 09/25/09

Security Forces

AA: East Africa: EAC Army Chiefs Speak Out On Joint Military Exercise 09/25/09

CD: Swedish major fired after drunken antics in Congo 09/26/09

LR: India to train Liberian police force 09/23/09

NG: Armed Forces And Vision 20:2020 09/26/09

ZA: New laws target South Africa crime 09/23/09

ZA: South Africa: Al-Qaeda Threatened US Offices – Report 09/24/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Zimbabwe's Mugabe Criticizes Sanctions Against his Country 09/25/09

AA: Chavez, Qaddafi Seek Africa-South America NATO, Bank 09/27/09

ER: Eritrea Plays With Fire It Cant Control 09/22/09

GM: Gambia's pitiful political class 09/24/09

MG: Madagascar government to protest at UN rejection 09/26/09

NG: Armistice, justice solution to N-Delta crisis -Ijaw in diaspora09/25/09

RW: Rwanda: Dutch Military Officials Hail Rwanda's Judicial System 09/24/09

SD: Sudan's Ex-Leader Calls for Lawmakers to Decide on South Sudan 09/28/09

UG: Uganda: Tripartite meeting on African peace force in Somalia 09/25/09


CD: DR Congo warlord to be tried at war crimes trial 09/25/09

KE: Five policemen arrested in Kenya huge cash robbery 09/25/09

NG: North Nigeria politician abducted 09/24/09

SD: Christians are ‘crucified' in guerrilla raids 09/24/09

TZ: Tribunal Receives Rwandan Genocide Suspect from DRC 09/22/09

UG: Uganda Minister Defends Terrorism Charge Against Rioters 09/22/09

ZA: Drug crime up since SANAB closed down – DA 09/27/09

ZA: South Africa struggles with crime rate 09/26/09

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