AFRICOM Week in Review Ending 21 September 2009


Hot Topics

AA: Instability made political risk expensive in Africa 09/20/09

AA: Somalia raid reopens debate on Maghreb security, economic co-operation 09/18/09

AA: Thaisarco suspends Congo tin ore purchases 09/18/09

AO: Dos Santos – Angola’s silent leader 09/20/09

DZ: Russia investigates jet part sales to Algeria 09/18/09

ER: Eritrea: Who Is EU Trying To Kid Here? 09/19/09

ER: Inside the insular and secretive Eritrea 09/18/09

ER: OLF Rebels Stress Common Cause in Internal Power Struggle 09/18/09

GH: Armed Forces holds seminar on child protection 09/17/09

GM: Breaking News:As Jammeh Leaves Gambia For New York Monday, He … 09/20/09

KE: Kenya: Software Firms Launch Products to Curb e-Crime 09/18/09

LY: British police trained Libyan forces while WPC murder … 09/18/09

NG: Niger Delta: The impending military assault 09/17/09

TZ: Tanzania: Monitor Cross-Border Activities to Curb Crime 09/16/09

UG: In Uganda, citizen journalists fill news gap during riots 09/17/09

ZW: Zimbabwe Aims to Attract $16 Billion to Mine Industry 09/17/09


AA: UN Report Describes ‘Terrible’ Year for Children in Armed Conflict 09/17/09

BI: Burundi opposition seeks troop recall from Somalia 09/19/09

NG: Nigerian police clash with Shi’ites, one dead 09/19/09

SO: At least 17 killed in west Somalia fighting: elders 09/21/09

SO: Somalia: Al-Shabab avenge leader’s death 09/18/09

SO: Somalis urged to attack AU troops 09/20/09

ZA: SAfrica’s Zuma rebukes violent protests 09/17/09

Special Operations

AA: 7 nations join “Canale” training exercise 09/18/09

AA: NATO maritime forces gearing themselves to take on pirates 09/18/09

LR: Liberia: UNMIL Provides Engineering Training for 60 AFL Soldiers 09/16/09

ZA: Three British men have appeared in a court in South Africa in … 09/16/09

Security Forces

AA: AU envoy calls for arms to fight al-Shabaab 09/19/09

DZ: Algeria Switching Frigate Order, Buying Helicopters from Italy? 09/20/09

ER: Eritrea: Police Striving to Raise Public Awareness Regarding Legal … 09/17/09

ET: Ethiopian PM Says No Ethiopian Forces in Somalia 09/17/09

GH: Defence Minister reacts to military aircraft publication 09/19/09

KE: Kenya steps up controls on Somali border 09/20/09

ML: Terrorism/ N. Mali: traffickers Arrested 09/18/09

Foreign Affairs

AO: Angola: Brazilian Military Officer Praises Country Air Force … 09/16/09

CF: OIF mission visits Central African Republic to consolidate peace …09/18/09

ET: Ethiopia denounces terrorist attack on AMISOM Headquarters 09/19/09

MG: Madagascar’s Prime Minister Displeased with Former Presidents 09/16/09


AA: We can’t abandon Africa to cannibalism and genocide 09/19/09

CD: Congo Transfers Rwandan Genocide Suspect 09/20/09

CF: Video: Plight of car’s war victims 09/18/09

KE: Banditry brings life to a standstill in N. Kenya 09/19/09

NG: Nigeria: Kidnapping – Onovo Deploys 16 Mobile Police Units in Anambra 09/18/09

NG: Nigeria: Plot to Kidnap Two Ministers Foiled 09/18/09

ZA: Drug bust points to top SA officials 09/20/09

ZW: Zimbabwe’s land invasions Out with those white farmers 09/17/09

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