CENTCOM Week in Review Ending 10 September 2009


Hot Topics

AA: Gulf states grapple with jihadist threat 09/09/09

AA:  Terrorists Shift Focus to Hotels and ‘Soft' Targets, Study Says 09/08/09

AA: Resolving the displaced Palestinians problem 09/10/09

AF:  The Reporter's Account: 4 Days With the Taliban 09/09/09

BH:  NSA official to testify in terror trial 09/10/09

EG: Egyptians irked by ‘Ramadan Eating' arrests 09/09/09

KZ: Kazakhstan Blows Its OSCE Leadership 09/06/09

LB: Lebanon struggles to form unity government 09/10/09

PK:  Tehrik-e-Taliban-Pakistan in disarray 09/09/09


AA:  Iraq sends extra police to Syrian border 09/05/09

AA: Al Qaeda extends to Somalia, Yemen 09/10/09

AF: 4 Americans killed in attack in Afghanistan 09/09/09

IQ:  Suicide bomber in west Iraq kills nine 09/07/09

IQ:  Truck bomb in north Iraq Kurdish village kills 19 09/09/09

PK:  Volunteer fighters help purge Taliban in Pakistan 09/10/09

SA: Saudis Threatened by Al-Qaeda Terror, Yemeni Rebels 09/09/09

TJ: Central Asia tensions threaten world: Patil 09/07/09

YE: Foreign states blamed in Yemen war 09/07/09

Special Operations

AA: SPECIAL OPERATIONS: The New Shape Of Things 09/06/09

AF:  NATO Troops Free Reporter Kidnapped in Afghanistan 09/09/09

AF:  NY's 10th Mountain Division leads deadly eight-year hunt for Osama bin Laden 09/10/09

IQ:  Iraq says 18 terror groups dismantled in August 09/06/09

PK:  Former CIA agent's hunt for bin Laden in Pakistani badlands 09/09/09

Security Forces

AA: Regional anti-drugs centre planned 09/06/09

AE: Abu Dhabi Police armed with translation systems 09/09/09

IQ:  U.S. eyes military equipment in Iraq for Pakistan 09/09/09

PK:  12 killed in second US strike in North Waziristan 09/08/09

PK:  Pakistan Kills 140 Militants in Afghan Border Region 09/08/09

PK:  Pakistan: 43 suspected militants killed in Khyber 09/05/09

Foreign Affairs

AF:  European Leaders Call for Conference to Assess Progress in Afghanistan 09/10/09

IQ:  Stormy Iraq-Syria talks on militants issue 09/10/09

IR:  The Emerging Axis of Iran and Venezuela 09/08/09

PS: Abbas receives new Egyptian reconciliation plan 09/09/09

TM: Venezuelan President Arrives In Turkmenistan For Energy Talks 09/06/09

UZ: Collective Security Treaty Organization needs Uzbekistan as key … 09/08/09

YE:  Obama offers anti-terrorism aid to Yemen 09/09/09


AA: 2 armed drug smugglers killed by IDF troops near Egyptian border 09/09/09

EG: Egyptian forces kill four Africans at Israel border 09/08/09

IR:  Arms dealer's arrest exposes Iran's smuggling 09/06/09

LB:  Hezbollah chief denies links to allegedly crooked moneyman 09/08/09

PK:  Pakistani Taliban attack Shiite children 09/09/09

YE:  Yemen arrests four with grenades, guns near U.S. embassy 09/08/09

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