CENTCOM Week in Review Ending 3 September 2009


Hot Topics

AA:  Al-Qaeda launchpad in Yemen gives Saudis new headache 09/02/09

AF:  Warlord's Defection Shows Afghan Risk 09/02/09

AF:  What's Right With Afghanistan 09/02/09

IQ:  Iraq al Qaeda militant says Syria trained him 08/31/09

KG: US troops ordered out of Kyrgyzstan after Russia deal 08/30/09

PK:  Pakistan's most-wanted: look at who isn't listed 09/01/09

PK:  Zawahiri urges support in Pak tribal areas: SITE 08/28/09

PS:  Once-legendary Fatah figure makes a comeback 09/01/09


AF: Afghangsters' paradise 09/03/09

AF:  Deputy spy chief among 23 killed in Taliban blast 09/02/09

AF: Devastating suicide strikes show Taliban expansion 09/03/09

PS:  Hamas Objects to Possible Lessons on Holocaust in U.N.-Run Schools in Gaza 09/02/09

PS:  Tiny Islamist group claims attack on Gaza security HQ 09/03/09

SA:  Saudi attack to raise influence of senior prince 08/31/09

SA:  Saudi prince spoke to bomber on phone before attack 09/02/09

SY: Syria Cracks Open Its Frail Economy 08/31/09

YE:  Fighting in Yemen escalates 08/29/09

YE: Yemen pro-army tribesmen killed in mortar attacks 08/30/09

Special Operations

AA:  Russia ‘kills al-Qaeda operative' 08/31/09

YE: Military forces destroy rebels' locations in Sa'ada 09/29/09

Security Forces

AF:  Taliban Bomber Captured in Kandahar 09/03/09

AF:  U.S. to boost combat force in Afghanistan 09/02/09

IQ:  US Proposes Sending Troops to Disputed Area of Northern Iraq 09/02/09

LB: ‘LAF set to receive Iranian weaponry' 09/02/09

PK:  105 Taliban surrender, 15 killed in Swat clashes 09/02/09

PK:  Pakistan forces destroy 3 militant bases in NW 09/01/09

PK:  Pakistan forces kill 35 militants in Khyber raids 09/01/09

PK:  Security forces kill 16 Taliban, arrest 25 09/03/09

TM: Turkmenistan plans military base in gas and oil hotspot 09/02/09

TM: Turkmenistan will establish a naval base on the Caspian Sea to … 08/30/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Deepening crisis surrounds Middle East talks 09/03/09

AA:  Hamas leader Meshal travels to Jordan for first time in 10 years 08/31/09

AA:  Israelis, Palestinians Hold High-Level Talks 09/03/09

IQ:  Iraq says Syria must give up terror suspects 08/28/09

IR:  Sanctions Won't Work Against Iran 09/01/09

IR:  Terror suspect Ahmad Vahidi set to become Ahmadinejad's Defence Minister 09/02/09

KG: KYRGYZSTAN: A New Great Game Begins 09/02/09

SA: Saudi King warns Pak to call off Musharraf ‘witch hunt' 09/02/09

UZ: Uzbekistan To Sit Out SCO Military Exercises 09/01/09


AF:  U.N. Sees Afghan Drug Cartels Emerging 09/02/09

IQ:  In Bank Killings, Highs and Lows of Iraq Justice 09/03/09

IR:  Man Indicted in Plot to Ship Jet Parts to Iran 09/03/09

PK:  Organized Crime in Pakistan Feeds Taliban 08/28/09

SA:  Would-Be Killer Linked to Al Qaeda, Saudis Say 08/29/09

TJ:  Four Tajiks jailed in first al Qaeda trial 08/31/09

YE: FEATURE-Corruption corrodes public life in Yemen 09/02/09

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