EUCOM Week in Review Ending 16 September 2009


Hot Topics

AA: ARF Begins Protest Against Armenia-Turkey Protocols 09/15/09

AA: Azerbaijani media outlets gave killed Georgian for Armenian 09/11/09

AA: China, Russia tarred with US intel listing 09/15/09

DE: Report: Germany ponders Afghan exit strategy 09/13/09

NO: Norway – UN reform in a time of crisis – How can Norway make a … 09/15/09

RS: Belgrade to host conference on organised crime 09/14/09

RU: Russians Want Democracy 09/14/09

UA: Yushchenko: Non-Ukrainian forces striving to grab power in Ukraine 09/12/09


AZ: Withdrawal From Liberated Territories Will Lead to War, Says … 09/14/09

IL: Army, UN forces in Lebanon on alert after rocket attacks on Israel 09/12/09

KV: Hundreds protest EU’s crime pact with Serbia 09/14/09

LV: European Commission is worried about Latvia’s situation 09/15/09

RU: Russia to detain Georgian ships off Abkhazia 09/15/09

RU: Two injured in militant attack on police post in south Russia 09/16/09

Special Operations

AA:  Belarus air defense units arrive in Russia for Zapad-2009 drills 09/14/09

AA:  Russian, Chinese warships escort large convoy off Somali coast 09/15/09

AA: US special forces targeted al-Qaida in Somalia 09/15/09

Security Forces

AA: US, NATO Expand Military Role In Southeastern Europe 09/14/09

IL: IDF chief: We’ll be ready for any turmoil on Lebanon border 09/15/09

IL: Israel air force to get RADA systems 09/15/09

IL: PA: 8 Palestinians detained by Israel forces; Israel: Clashes in Azzun 09/11/09

KV:  Kosovo Security Force becomes fully functional 09/14/09

RU: Russia has established Arctic border forces 09/15/09

RU:  Russia set to finish development of new air defense system 09/16/09

RU: Russian forces kill four rebels in Dagestan – Ifax 09/12/09

TR: 8 PKK rebels killed in southeastern Turkey 09/13/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Azerbaijan Nervously Watching Turkish-Armenian Rapprochement 09/11/09

AL: Prime Minister Berisha announces the names of ministers of new … 09/16/09

DE: Germany’s Top Parties Debate Foreign Policy Agenda 09/14/09

ES: Hugo Chavez jokes with Spain’s king 09/11/09

KV: EU in Kosovo signs police deal with Serbia 09/11/09

TR: Turkey is a convenient place for EU-Iran discussions on nuclear … 09/16/09

UA: Kyiv Needs New Security Guarantees Given Russian Threat, Ukrainian … 09/12/09


AA: Lithuania and Russia join forces in fight against money laundering … 09/11/09

CY:  Arson attacks destroy two cars 09/11/09

IL: Aluf Benn / In wake of Gaza probe, how can Israel go to war again? 09/16/09

LT: Former Soviet officer accused of massacre 09/15/09

LT: Lithuania’s top lawmaker ousted over mob charges 09/15/09

NO: Norway: Rapes by Immigrants in Oslo Out of Control 09/14/09

RS: EULEX: deal will boost organised crime fight 09/14/09

RU: Getting away with murder in Russia 09/15/09

TR: Dangerous Intrigues in Istanbul 09/15/09

TR: Istanbul’s Crime Conundrum 09/13/09

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