EUCOM Week in Review Ending 9 September 2009


Hot Topics

AA: Central banks of Belarus and Lithuania sign cooperation agreement 09/07/09

AA: Ex-Siemens Manager’s Extradition to Greece Blocked 09/04/09

AA: France takes over Nato post 09/09/09

AA: Georgian journalist requests asylum in South Ossetia 09/04/09

GE: Georgia to free jailed Turkish sea captain: official 09/08/09

IL: Israel must live up to its commitment for peace 09/05/09

KV: Serbs stage protest in Kosovska Mitrovica 09/07/09

RU: Russia denies hijacked ship was carrying missiles 09/08/09

TR: Peace laureate sticks up for Turkey’s EU membership bid 09/08/09

UA: Yushchenko accuses Moscow of provoking Ukraine 09/05/09


AZ: Three forces aimed to shuffling Azerbaijan 09/08/09

IL: Israeli forces shoot live ammunition during Ni’lin demonstration … 09/06/09

IL: Israeli official doubts Syria’s clout on Hezbollah 09/08/09

IL: Israel’s war on Gaza killed 252 children, report claims 09/09/09

IL: Israeli forces raid Bil’in 09/08/09

TR: Six Turkish soldiers die in southeast attacks 09/08/09

Special Operations

AA:  Commando killed freeing UK journalist 09/09/09

AA: Russia, Belarus kick off joint military exercise 09/08/09

CH: Swiss police apprehend Bulgarian with 14kg of heroin 09/04/09

DE: Report: German Forces Trained in Israel 09/07/09

IL: IDF preparing for US missile systems 09/06/09

KV: German general takes over KFOR command in Kosovo 09/09/09

Security Forces

AA: Indo-Israeli Cyber Warfare against Pakistani nuclear program 09/09/09

AM: Armenian military helicopter fails to take off near Azeri-Armenian … 09/06/09

BG: Bulgaria sets up units to fight organised crime 09/09/09

BG: Missile blasts during Bulgarian military drills 09/04/09

DE: Germany’s Merkel under siege after Afghanistan airstrike 09/08/09

ES: Spain considers sending 200 more troops to Afghanistan 09/05/09

RU: Mastermind of Ingush leader attack killed: reports 09/05/09

RU: Russia’s build-up in the Black Sea 09/05/09

TR: Turkish security forces seize cocaine hidden in foreigners’ stomachs 09/06/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Belarus, Poland and Ukraine create common system of air space security 09/07/09

AA: China, Serbia vow to strengthen ties 09/09/09

AM: Armenian Caucus Voices Concerns over Armenia-Turkey Protocols 09/07/09

AZ: Azerbaijan may also open borders with Armenia 09/09/09

BG: Bulgaria outlines 57 measures to overhaul judiciary 09/08/09

CH: Swiss upper house votes to send anti-piracy forces to Somalia 09/08/09

CY: Cyprus always supports Armenians 09/05/09

RU: Russia urges tougher US-led action on Afghan drugs 09/08/09


AA: Russians behind cyber crime, says AFP 09/09/09

BG: Former Bulgarian Minister Charged 09/08/09

CZ: Czech police arrest Slovak wanted in three countries 09/04/09

IL: Suspected top Israeli mobster arrested 09/08/09

RS: Five arrested over Serbia factory blast: report 09/05/09

RS: Serbia: Four radical Muslims jailed for terror plot 09/08/09

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